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Rating: 6.8 (46 votes)
nGa-Gaming Quake 3 Squad: nGa.H1T, nGa.zmr, nGa.Sinex, nGa.Fndz, nGa.Slibis, nGa.Na1TaS

SEIDO is a Quake3 frag movie, which was created specially for Creative-Movies.com contest called "Director's CUT". The film aims to show great video editing while also showing some of the nGa-gaming team's frags. Director Denis “Sinex” Cerepovicius (from nGa-productions.org, the creator of CELERITAS) combines great special effects with some frags to create a truly original experience.

Length: 6m9s
Size: 192.9 Megs
Resolution: 720x400
Codec: XviD