chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllllll.. starting a lecture at 16:15, finnishing 18:00 ... just listening to some guy.. hahahaha. sweeet.

have about 5 of those each week and 2 group sessions. bout 20 pages to read to each, altogether takes up a total of 3hours avg. a day ;D


Enough of my euphoria.. And over to what i think about in my spare time.. Heard of Ashkenazi Jews? Supposedly 68% of the working mass in Israel. What's so special about them you ask? Avg. IQ of 112-115..

Now, now, don't be hasty you say? Well, i say the same to you, don't take my word for it, but do read this before any ignorant reply to a factual statment with arguably solid base. Now this i find quite interesting.. What's interesting about this you ask? A mere ~12-15 points above mean.. Well thing is, this corresponds to a sixfold increase in people with IQ above 140, and even higher fold increase the further away from the mean you get. In other words, more possibilities for genius!

Now if you don't think those implications are interesting you might as well, needless to say, stop reading now and spend your time on other things you find interesting, instead of wasting time replying..

Anyone think this has any real world effects? Give me your speculations and thoughts on this ;)