For those of you who don't understand or choose to stay closed minded to previous post I have made with high level of hostility and opposition, maybe this post will open your mind to a new light or concept I have yet to be seen discussed.

Why do people want to see other people’s configs, or 'pro-gamer' configs? Is it to find a hidden secret, feature, or is it simply curiosity? Will it make you better?

What I have encountered by the most part is that usually when someone tries to take the whole config and use it as his or her own. It almost never works out, you might use it for a little bit, but then you revert back to your old config or go to another.

It's ok to look at configs, it's essential to have your own core config (because that is quite simply you, your bodies optimum default comfort settings), but you can incorporate some of the features in the configs that you like for your benefit. Small tweaks here and there and things you didn’t know that could be done that can be pretty cool. You use these features and make them your own, now you can say it's your own original config composed from all different sources into an abstract unique entity, which is now your own.

Do you not like to be original? Do you not take pride in being yourself and evolving to different levels by learning from your environment?

Well this concept can go into what I now call the Life Config. The life config can be whatever you want it to be and consists of anything and everything related to how you run your life. You can closely relate it to a gaming config and the things that you do to them, except with a little more complexity of variable randomness, which is what promotes evolution and change.

Learning from the environment, evolution and change, it is what takes you to the next level. Your next state may not be at all what you expect, and could take some time to adjust, but when traveling up the chain you'll begin to understand and see things different then what you saw them before.

The life config (LC) is only a figment of thin air, it does not need to physically exist, but it is always with you and constantly changing. Enough with the abstract ideas, time for the simplistic explanation.

As I mentioned before, the life config can consist of anything, now to discuss some basic things it should contain.

#8-infinity - There is no rank for this, which is want, and need. You have to want something otherwise there just is no motivation to care. Not caring is what I call close-minded, lazy, if that's you and are quite happy where you are and where you're going, then this is very much not for you.

#1 Priority - What is most important, what needs to be done now, and why?

#2 Goals - If you have a goal then you need to do things to get there, not talk about it, do it.

#3 Stop & Analyze - Am I really on the right track? Can I do better? Is this really for me? Do you really see yourself doing this?

#4 Learn & Practice - Constantly involve yourself with new things, the more you experience the more you know and the more fun you'll be to other people. If you like specific spot go there on a regular basis and become a 'regular' people will start to recognize you and will know you by your name.

These are things to keep in mind, but lets talk about the comparison now between configs. I'll start off by the most obvious comparison, if you don’t pay attention at all to how you're dressing, then this might hit you in the face like a brick. You tweak configs for the best performance, so why not tweak your LC to the best performance, and your optimum 'settings'. You see someone wearing something cool, you know what, steal some ideas use it as your own.

apparel_Ironed 0/1 0? return *GLF: <= 0
apparel_Ironed 0/1 1? return *GLF: >= 1

Okay, these values are obviously not 100% accurate and are not constant, but the 0 value will always be lower. Whether your intention is to get laid or not, setting this to 1 will surely not LOSE any points with you could in fact gain you a point, as for the 0, it is likely that you WILL lose points.

Fact: Females pay attention, and if you wear wrinkled clothes because you 'don't care,' the only thing they might care about is caring less about you. That is of course if caring less is even possible

hair_Cut 0/1
hair_Style <0,1,2,3->

Different hair styles will yield different results for you (client) on the specific (server) so called victim (some newb picky ass servers don’t like r_picmip 5, and will kick you, WHAT? fucking server kicked me, sob(but hopefully your approach wont yield that bad of a rejection if there is one)), but if you don't do any kind of thing to your hair and it looks like shit, then.. I don’t need to explain the rest. By now you should know how the GLF works.

"How can this guy aim with that sensitivity, I can't hit shit,"
Yeah well how can that guy get a girl, and you can't. The truth is the guy knows how to play the game, and like they say, you need to practice. If you don't practice, you're not going to get anywhere. Sure you COULD use someone else’s sensitivity, but why not just use something that's closer to what you're already doing and then get used to it with a little of your own tweaking. Unless what you're doing is so off base and bizarre that it's hurting you, then you need to find out what the problem is and correct it. You do this by experimenting putting to practice and seeing what works and what doesn't, or simply researching and asking people. Yes, surprising how everything here goes quite congruently with each other.

"I don't know what I'm doing wrong, it's just not working."
That's why you need to keep practicing, the feeling of trying and failing is 1,000 times better then not trying at all. Not just do you learn from the experience, but at least you know that you tried, and that something that you did wasn't congruent to how it should of been. Therefore you know what to not do again, or not the same way.

voice_Tone <0,1,2,3,4,5>
0: mute
1: slow paced
2: less slow
3: normal
4: faster
5: fastest

Once again this is only an example.

You want to talk in different tones in different situation, why? To yield optimum results, why do you sometimes what to change your timenudge? To adapt to your environment depending on your lag. Well you need to be aware and conscious. If you talk to fast, slow the fuck down, if you talk too slow, be aware and speed the fuck up, but now to my point. Voice tone makes a huge difference on what your intended yield is on the specific situation. If you're already talking to a girl or whatever, you don’t want to be like really slow and be like 'heeeyyyy, lettttt meeee gettt yoooouurrrr nummmbeerr' that right there sounds retarded slow, but I just meant slow talking voice in general but it's hard to express that in text, but yeah, if you're talking at the slow speed, it can sound kind of 'creepy', "ugh, what a creep, I can't believe he asked me for my number", even if you're used to talking slow, you have to change this, speed the fuck up, and make it smooth like you've done it a million times and like it's not a big deal at all, 'hey, it was cool talking to you, what's your number, maybe we can get together sometime' anyways, maybe you're like who's that slow anyways, well you'd be surprised, so basically do it at a moderate careless speed, like yeah, whatever, and if I don’t get the number oh well, and of course if she declines there's other things you can say to try to get the number, but that's not really the basis of this documentation.

call_Rate <0,1,2,3->

You do not want to call a girl every single day, the most you will get from her is friends if even that, and who wants that? lol. There's always an exception, if you're so hot that nothing matters. So hot that it is expressed with a radiant glow with the body language that shows that you're hot and confident and people know that you know just by the way you stand with no shyness or fear in your body language or eyes. *Always remember, whoever you're talking to, doesn't matter if you made or received the call, always make sure to end the conversation first, fake like you have to go even if you truly want to keep talking, so don't keep the convos too long, leave them hanging, wanting more and curious having them anxious for the next time they talk to you.

config_Dynamic 1

That is what you want, because setting it to 0 will make it static/constant and stability does not promote evolution, so if you reach a point that you think you're happy with and that's what you want to stay with, then that's when it would be set to 0.

I'm already tired, and I know it was a very short-lived entry so I'm not even going to say anything more, but what I will say is if you now understand the concept of change in relation to a gaming config and you didn’t open yourself to it before, then well I hope you take it into consideration.

You modify your config for a reason, not to become worse, but to improve yourself. Now don't tell me I'm lying, hf.

*LC - Life Config
*GLF - Get Laid Factor <0123456789>

//**Written based from responses of this post,