CS2 is announced and everyone loves it. Why? Because it's CS with better graphics and some other basic improvements.


Just give us Q3 with better graphics, ragdoll physics for corpses so they don't look outdated when they die on an edge and stay floating in there, improved netcode up to 2023 standards which allow for great gameplay even decent overseas experience, a cool ranking website to motivate players to get better, a good anticheat system, make some weekly 1000$ tournaments to incentivize active competition which is peanuts for a big company and will translate into more players, hell add some weapon skins and so on to monetize if needed, but just give us what we want, we never asked for champions, some odd graphics engine and so on.

Update Q3 and the community will love it because things are cyclical and good things are always good and no matter how much time it takes it will eventually be appreciated again at mainstream levels.