Any idea why is this happening?

Asus Vivobook K513EA
Core i3 11th
GPU is Intel graphics UHD
Game: Quake 3 Arena

Don't tell me that it's happening because of low specs, because it runs perfectly on an office laptop from 2010, it's Quake 3... I have no problems with HOMM III. And I haven't tried to run any other games on this laptop yet.

Also, it is probably note worthy that if it runs in a window mode the matrix goes away. And if I try higher resolutions it also runs smoothly but then game appears to be running in a rather small window but w/o window panel with no borders at all.

I've tried to update GPU drivers, I've tried different game settings, I've also tried to change settings in game's compatibilities (right click > properties > compatibilities) and once it helped when I changed compatibility to Windows 8 (the best one it's offered) but it helped for just one launch.

Help pls!

UPD: CS 1.6 runs smoothly