This is the story about most unpopular quake streamer ever. Cooke. You maybe scraming right now "waitaminutehowcanhebethemostunpopularstreamerifhehave20viewerswhilethereisastreamerswithonly1viewer". Look, streamers with only 1 viewer is more like unknown rather then unpopular, while cooke is well known and he is been here for quite long time but no one is watching him anyway, so that makes him unpopular.

So, i've been browsing cyberfight back in a days, long long time ago and i found like a report from a tournament written by cooke. Apparently he was visiting this tournament as a journalist. It was a text as big as i just wrote and it had more swear words then sense. It was disgusting to read and I leave a comment under this honest journalist work. Apparently i made cooke mad by saying that what he did as journalist is a crap. I got banned from commenting on this website. But it's ok, Cyberfight was already dead. And we had nice ru ql forum at this time were all the people were meeting. People here were posting configs, movies, guids, all sort of stuff, having fun, trolling. It was nice and active, until someone decide to set cooke as moderator. Forum died in a week or so. This guy literally were commenting in every thread starting arguing with people and if someone disagree with him he ban that person. I guess he ban every active forum user. And obviously, people just quit posting and commenting. So forum died instantly.

Some time later, i was doing short ql movies called top 10 frags of the month, for some website. I made like two or three of such movies. And stn the guy who was organizer of this asked me if i like to participate in competition. They got another movie maker so we had to make two movies out of the same demos and it could be like a little competition. I agreed with that. I had fun making this short movies and it was ez win for me anyway.
So, i was casually choosing music, making intro, organizing project so later i would have more time working with frags. I updated the logo that i designed for this top 10 frags series, it was animated and looking decent, way better then just text with fancy font. But we got a problem with demos. I asking stn the organizer about demos. At first he said that they don't have enough demos and i have to wait little bit more. I was trying to get demos from him for long time and at some point he just went offline. So, it was like a last few days before i should release a movie and i was waiting for stn to come online so he could give me demos. But he wasn't there. At the end of the day i start suspect something. I went to that other movie maker that i had to compete with and asked him if he got any demos. It was very confusing, since he received demos long time ago and he almost finished his movie. So i got demos from my competitor, but I had less then a day to make a movie. And i simply put all the frags in the project without doing much of editing. Because i had no time. Rendering time plus my slow internet...i just had no time to work with frags. And all this time i was thinking how weird this situation is. Guy gave demos to other guy, but didn't gave demos to me and went offline...

But, next day i found out whats going on. This guy cooke made his wonderful journalist job. He post a movie of my competitor and made a description saying that there was competition but rusak is so dumb ,so useless, so unskilled that he couldn't make it done. But this young talented guy blablabla
Yes, imagine, this dumb rat... It's so stupid. He post his bullshit everywhere he could like a spam bot. On one particular site i contacted to the site owner explained the situation and he delete cooke's post, probably even banned cooke i don't know. Later on my movie was uploaded and i got nice comments and about 4k views on youtube.

Well, this is the end of the story of the most unpopular quake streamer. Actually there is more, but i am not really sure about that. I think i never ever wrote a single word in cooke's chat, but i got permanently banned. And i guess i got banned by cooke's co-caster green because i won him in ffa match. I joined in ongoing match and won it in few minutes and green wrote in a chat that it's a shame to lose to such trash. And after that i found out that i am banned in cooke's stream. But yea, i am not entirely sure, maybe this things is not connected. Doesn't really matter, anyway no one is watching cooke's stream. I wonder why.