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You probably do not understand (11 comments)
Posted by stpbozin @ 09:47 CDT, 5 May 2022 - iMsg
You probably do not understand what really happens back then. You defenetly don't know, and seems like no one ever talked about that. Not like i expect from such people to have some shame or honor, or any other human characteristic. But still, it's quit funny to me that no one ever talk about this situation.

Well, i am gonna hack the time and bring you in a few years back. It was casual tdmpickup day, people were playing tdm matches, nothing special. I added myself to pickup, other players added to pickup, we got teams, bot choose the guy who should pick a map. Nothing special yet. Team contains four players, it was me, drki, french guy zulu and someone else, i don't remember who it was. Many years gone, i lost some memories and i don't remember who was the fourth player of our team. But i remember other things.

The player from our team decide to pick map called Terminatria, i think i wrote about that story before, right? And you may question what you don't know or don't understand about that story? Well, wait a bit, it's coming, i am trying to intrigue you and make it fun to read.

So, the guy from our team decide to pick a map Terminatria. I didn't care about map pick at all. I explained this. It's not my fantasy or twisted fact. It's obvious, it's statistic. I had biggest win rate on this map, like 60+% and i manage to win this map couple of times having zero deaths. So, for me it was, maybe not the best map pick, but defenetly not the worst, that's for sure, i had no issue with that map at all.

So, when players from my pickup team start arguing about map pick i was like "whatever you like guys". Change it our play it, i don't care. Well, i don't remember exactly, but i think drki and zulu was strongly against this map and the other guy was the map picker. And they had this conversation, they were arguing, vote dm20, vote something else. And at some point, once again, i don't remember exactly, but. But at some point, zulu or drki said that they gonna throw the game. They gonna throw the game because they don't like the map, so they can finish it faster and start new one on "normal" map.

Obviously, if i knew what's gonna happens next i would prepare screenshots, to prove...To be honest, i didn't really believe that they gonna throw the game for real. I thought it's like a trick, gimmick. I thought they treating that guy, blackmailing him to change the map. So, when everyone press ready and game started, i was playing like it was normal game. Like first minutes i was trying to get to rail gun and red armor, but enemies was all around, stacked and weaponized. And only after some times i realise that my team is camping somewhere at the area, after lg banana. I remember i spawned near the rail gun, there was no rail and i decide to go for red armor. And i saw all three of my team mates in that area, where is nothing besides maybe few ammo boxes. And only at this moment i realise that they are actually throwing the game, like they said. And i think it was after fearz warned me that he is gonna ban me for throwing the game(he warned me mid game that i will get banned). But even after this i didn't scroll console back to make screenshot. I don't know why. Probably underestimate rotten souls of trash people. I really didn't expect to actually get banned for this. As i explained, by overall stats it's was my best map and even in this particular match i wasn't worst player, by damage, net frags and etc. So, i didn't saw any reason why i would get banned.

So, now you may understand why i did what i did. I mean, if i didn't ban myself, after some time i would go to pickup again(like i actually did) and all this shit people will show themselves again. So by banning myself i burned the bridge, bridge to this shithole.

And why i even bring this up. Well, i am curious if drki or zulu, or this other guy is brave enough to confirm my words. No one gonna get banned now for what happens many years ago. So, nothing to be scared. But it would be nice to me and maybe shocking for other people.
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Antonio_by (12 comments)
Posted by stpbozin @ 11:27 CDT, 25 June 2021 - iMsg
Hello, i got this nostalgic and writing mood. Thats means i'd like to write a story from the past. My memory isnt perfect i barrely remember any names of people or for example it took me 20 years to memorize when is my birthday. But some sittuations getting stuck in my head and i am unsucsessfuly tying to figure out what the fuck it was.

Sorry, it's not a cheating case or something... This happens long time ago. It was last clanbase nations cup or something. And we got belarusian team, we barrely manage to get four players but this is another story. This story mostly about antonio_by.
So, we played a practice match and after the game i start critisizing how antonio_by played. Not the whole match but one particular move he made during the game. He stole my megahealth and its ruined a game a bit.

I can play super efficient without much of resources, support player basicly. I can do damage with machine gun, i like machine gun. So before our practice match we were discussing possitions.
So, i said that my basic possition is on mega, but i will be helping to everyone who in needs. Needs help on rail, i will help you, need support on red armor i will come. Yea, and antonio's possition was on red armor.
On one hand antonio's aim isnt great and its sounds like a mistake to put a player with bad aim on a posstion like ra, where main source of damage output is lg. But we were scared that on other possitions he will be feeding so many frags that team would not be able to compensate.
He had like lowest elo rating, and overall had less expirience and worst aim and everyting worst. Our team dosnt actualy had tdm players exept me, clawz from clanarena, other guy from duels, and antonio himself also from duel and just recently start playing tdm.
So yea, his posstion was on ra, take every ra, take every lg, take every enemy that come, easy task.
And my possition on mega. My resourses was plasma gun, armor shards, shootgun on quad and mega. So team focus was on battle suit, but my task was to steal quad or deal maximum damage to enemy quad. And to complete this task i was obviously needed all this shards and megas.
Thats my strat, its working. I tested it on pickup. It was working great. I was even able to get shaft and rail for myself. Yea, but there was one confusing suttuation. At some point of the game, right before quad, my mega were stolen by my teammate and i'm failed to get quad due my low hp.
Realy unfortunate, but i dont blame my random teammate from pickup. He didnt know the strat, so he did what he did. I guess, if he knew that this is possition of his teammate, he wouldnt stole an important item from his teammate right before quad, right? i am right?

When we were discussing posstions with our team, i'm actualy did accent on my posstion. I said to antoion_by that its realy important for me to have this mega because its only source of health for me. And it was looking like he understood. Ah, yea forgot to say, that the guy who stole my mega in pickup game was antonio_by. So yea, that why i was trying to make sure that antonio undestand where is my posstion on the map. You maybe already undstand what gonna happens later?
Exactly, he did it again in a same way as he did it on pickup. Only difference that this time he was super stacked. In pickup game he had little bit of armor when he were stealing my mega. By this time he had 200 armor, he took my mega and became 200/200 guy. Ok great, with such stack he could go to power up and sucsessufly defend it. Yea, but unfortunatly he went back to his possition on ra. Like what else you could do with 200/200 stack? wait for next ra without scare being killed...
So yea, this rediculous move he made, two times. I dont know why and i had will to figure it out. So i start talking about this sittuation to him. But instead of giving me some logical explanation he start convicing me that i am also doing tons of mistakes that possibly ruing game. And he offered me a demo review with a team. I agreed, its nothing wrong with reviewing demo, its a realy good thing. And i hoped that we get to that moment when he stealing my mega and he will see how bad his move is. But, since its antonio_by we got stuck on first second of my demo. At this map i was spawned near railgun. So i obviously jumped on rail and picked it up, but there was two enemys with machineguns and both were shooting at me. So i tryed to escape from enemys. There was tiny chance that they will land little bit less of bullets on my ass and i will manage to survive. But it didnt happens, they killed me. But i didnt drop rail, so its sound like i did best i can, right?
Well, the reason why we stuck on a first seconds of the game is because antonio_by was trying to convince me that its a huge mistake. That this is basicly braindead 1200elo gameplay, trying to run away in this sittuation. Well, antonio_by said that its super obvious that enemys will kill you there, so you have to switch to gauntlet and try to kill these TWO enemys instead of running away. I was trying to explain to him thats its pointless. Its not impossible to kill both for sure. Like maximum you can do is to deal 50hp damage to each enemy, but its pointless, its a fresh map where is all the health bubbles availilble. He wont listen, and he even got clawz on his side, which is also ridiculous. And together they start telling me that this is most idiotic mistake that even possible to make.
I obvliously call antonio_by an idiot couple of times(becouse he is obviously idiot) and he warrned me that if i will continue talking this way he will get in his car, drive to my home and kick my ass... Just imagine this level of critinizm...
Obviously at this point everything was over. I wont play with such people, i wont to be connected to it in any way. So rest of the matches i was running around shooting machinegun, puttin zero effort in it.

All i wanted from the team is to stick to the plan. Maybe antonio feel like he is getting bullied and it was his way of defence, i don't know, realy. But definitely only thing i tried to to do is to make us win. I even tryed to get sponsor for our team. You know, for like motivation. Motivate the team to play better and do less bullshit.
Our local gaming store had this form on its website, basically they were looking for a team to sponsor. They decline my application... but anyway its a horrible place.
Old miceses out of stock, new is not availible yet and only miceses you can buy from them is the miceses that you can buy from other stores any day for cheaper price.

So yea, i was realy shocked by this sittuation and i still do not undestand what it was. What sort of result they were expecting to get, what profit they were looking for? I dont even have any proper guess what they were trying to do. Like, get rid of me, get tech lose and then blame me for ruined apportunity? I dont know, it's just super weird, completely unexplainable for me.
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Followcyber (19 comments)
Posted by stpbozin @ 17:52 CDT, 23 April 2021 - iMsg
Well, this soochee glasz were asking on his stream to elaborate on how is he winning.
So i made a short video. Take a look at the document in a video description.
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2z faye (13 comments)
Posted by stpbozin @ 13:51 CDT, 17 March 2021 - iMsg
Stream was called "killing myself"... well ...
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Sldr (5 comments)
Posted by stpbozin @ 11:10 CST, 3 March 2021 - iMsg
Hi there its me

Yea, this guy is mental, same as his best buddy proveren. Love is the strongest feeling... i guess sldr is ready to die for his couple.
I mean, the way he protecting this lovely proveren...
At first he accused me in aimbotting, later in video montage(like i edited clips with proveren to make it look suspicious) and last was pedophilia. He accused me in pedophilia. WOW.

I mean, making this accusation makes no sense at all. I can be bad, i can be worst ever person on the earth, its doest matter, its doest change anything.
Its doest change the fact that they both, proveren and sldr, is just a stupid aim assisted kids.

So, about his aimstyle
Its almost the same as proveren have. But, like, more precise, with better settings, you know. In proveren clips you can see how his crosshair snaps on enemy from long distance.
Sldr doing exactly the same, but distances between his crosshair and enemy model is much less. Thats makes it look very legit.
But he is human after all. And he is obviously making mistakes.
Demos of proveren i were watching at timescale 0.7 and it was easy to spot trigger moments. But demos of sldr i had to watch at 0.5 timescale and sometimes even less. Because its realy small crosshair adjustments.
Not sure, but its maybe like lowfov aimbot. Its when your fov is 100, but aimbot fov is 10. And with that you are able to see an enemy, but your aimbot cant. So its will trigger only if your crosshair realy close to enemy. Honestly doest matter what exactly he use and how it works.
Just try to compare crosshair movement before and after. Its like smooth and slow movement, and then bam its quikly snaps on enemy instantly stops, and then start moving smooth and slow again.

So, i gathered some clips of him using aim assist. Its not much and some moments not looking so obvious, but some does.

You may think that i should just wait a bit and gether more obvious moments for clips, and you maybe right.
But today i tryed to join server to spectate sldr, and i was banned from this ahdh server by proveren. By his words i am using aimbot and "aimbots aren't tolerated here"(c)proveren.
For me its best proof that i am right. That its not just "aim style" but aim assisted kids pretending to be aimers. How hard they trying to get rid of me. Accusing me in every possible bullshit, kicking, banning me. Doing all they can.

Not sure about you but for me its obvious. I stop fighting against them long time ago, its pointelss. Its eather retarded adadada spam by proveren or even more retarded face fucking mess with sldr. You will never learn anything from this trash.

Yea btw, this demos from yesturday, just a 1 hour of warmup. Like always, you will die trying to find similar moments in your demos, but this guy have it multiple times during every fight.

Demos in video description

03/03/2021 Fucking Nice Guy
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proveren (24 comments)
Posted by stpbozin @ 07:12 CST, 21 February 2021 - iMsg
hi there it's me

Honestly its doesnt make sense to write anything about this guy, because watching teaser and second video will make is obvious for everyone
But there are always people who are in doubt and it's ok. For these people I will do some explanation.

About his aim style.
Well it's hard to watch honestly, the way he aim... He is like swinging his mouse left and right all the time. While spamming AD like crazy. And he is aiming like that all the time except really close fights when his whole screen is just an enemy model. It's not like he is very good at strafing. But he does some weird moves that I wasn't able to explain until I found out that his crosshair snapping at other enemies. And that explains why he struggles to aim when there is multiple enemies in the background and sometimes he even stop shooting and making really long strafes just to position himself toward the wall to focus on enemy that are close to him and prevent his crosshair from snapping on random enemies.

I think that he using a bind, trigger bind that makes his crosshair snap on target, but not permanently, its like assist for aim. When he losing tracking he hits that trigger button and it snaps to the target and since he shaking his crosshair a lot it looks +/- alright. I mean he probably using it not all the time but sometimes. Guess he spent a lot of time figuring out how to use it and when, to make it look like legit aim. But aim it's not just how you hit, it's also how you move… it's funny how those cheating kids don't underestimate experience...

So here is the links
This one is like a teaser just like a mini movie for my new friend
This one should make it clear that the guy is cheating
This one is a link of his stream some hilarious 2v2 at the end (aimbot for rockets included)
And a demo where he snaps on other target (last moment from teaser)
I hope all the links are working. If something is wrong let me know.
It's pure luck. Twitch keep vods for 14 days and when i downloaded his vod it was already 12 days old vod, so few more days and it's gone forever.

I couldn't do a better video. I pick bad editing software. I was looking for a free one and I chose the one that have nice ui. And it have nice and intuitive ui but working really bad. After some time it starts lagging, cpu hits 100% load and i can't preview what i am working on. So all this moments i cut is like 1/4 of his stream. All these trigger moments are from 1 or 2 hours of gameplay.
Btw his stream is recommended to watch. His comments become really hilarious after understanding that he is just a little aimbotting kid. At some point he said “OMG you got destroyed and i am not even warmed up yet”
All the most obvious moments are from his stream (yea another genius streaming how he using cheats) And this moments is so obvious that it should be good proof. But i also have a few demos where he snaps at other enemies it might be enough to vac ban him.

Bonus clip of his buddy sldr (sharing same config, spamming same binds) Sad part is that it's not only these two geniuses.

20/02/21 Fucking Nice Guy
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know story (No comments)
Posted by stpbozin @ 09:05 CDT, 12 July 2016 - iMsg
I dont know if you heard that story before, maybe not. But its not a big secret actually. Many people know about that especialy russians.
I dont remember it so well. Maybe because it happens not in a single day. It takes like a few month for start to the end. So yea. i probably do not remember everything but overall i can tell you, maybe not so detailed but i will do my best.
I have to start from the moment when i was played duels agains a guy called N1 Huber. It was some russian guy who had very weird playstyle. It was hard to beat him in first time but when you understand how he plays it became more easier. He was all the time +back rail, almost never go for items just rail you on pickup and waiting for your push. So in some moment i start guessing that something unclear here. Because he is always hits his rails but nothing else. He was like 70% Rail and under 25% any other weapons.
At that moment i didn’t know how cheats actually looks. I saw some simple aimbot somewhere on q3 public. But Huber’s rails was looking okayish. So i start searching for ql cheats and you know it wasn’t hard to find. So yea short test shows me thats wh+autoshot force you to play like huber playing.
I dont know why didn’t report in support abut this guy. Probably i simply didn’t know about any kind of support yet. So i decide to tell about Huber to the N1 clan leader. You know its not good if your clan having a cheat in the roster because whole your clan will be under suspicion.
So, i start explaining to the clan leader this situation with huber and clan leader was like “no, its not possible, cheats for quake live are not exist”. And i am like “no dude its takes like 5 min to find and install cheats“. And he is like “ok give me your cheats or i dont belive you”.
So i give him a cheat. And he really liked how it works. He even told me that he gonna play with cheats now coz its fun. But i actually didn't believe him. I really thought it was an joke.
But not. He actually start playing with cheats. You know, he call me on skype and ask to help him install cheats on new computer coz he likes to play on lan with cheats. I was shoked. But we all know i am so fucking nice guy so i refuse to help him and ask him to stop cheating. And he said to me that he will increase his overall accurasy to 31% and then stop cheating. That was obvious bs.
I am sure i just didn’ know about support and how to report people. so i didn’t find other way then just tell to the people that this guy is cheating. Well actually i said before i don’t remember this story so well. It was me who report him to the community as a cheater or i just confirm that his is cheat. Does’t even matter. He got forgiveness from the community. You know he was cheating only 3 month or maybe a bit more. So community wasnt really mad at him.
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wtf wiki (5 comments)
Posted by stpbozin @ 10:32 CDT, 28 June 2016 - iMsg
i was looking for date when qcon started and russian wiki blow my mind.
the text i marked says thats in 2002 quakecon winner was lexer and its ok. but in 2009 winner was von_dorimi?
I cheked eng wiki and its says in 2009 winner rapha so where is the thruth ?
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another Brool story (11 comments)
Posted by stpbozin @ 00:43 CDT, 17 June 2016 - iMsg
Well this is a double story and its about stupid people as always.
In a first part of this double story i have to start from the moment when i was invited play to the team called easy. There was some guys and they are not so importat coz we gonna talk about deisma. Ohh this guy…
Whole team was on the server talking about strats and shit. About how is better to act in some game situation, just experience sharing. And everything was ok but this daisma guy start raging for no reason. He start talking shit like “why the fuck you telling me about all this shit, i've been playing this map more than you was playing quake over all”. We had tried to calm him. but he start raging even more and then quit our team. So this makes us disband...
yeah, he quit from team but he still was in my friend list. I think he was impressend by my aim because he was asking a lot about my config and stuff. We spend some time talking about this when we was a team. But he start asking about same shit even after he quit team. And its became so annoying. But we all know i am fucking nice guy and i was doing my best answering his questions. Yeah, until he ask me why i do not playing with vertical synchronization. This shit realy makes me angry, I just cant handle such stupid questions. So yea i start calling him as a retard and stuff like that. And he is like: “omg you are so bad person you cant talk normaly with people wtf wrong with you”... No, no. its not like he ask a question and i got mad instantly. No. I actualy explain him why vsync is bad. But he keep telling me some stupid shit like: “you have to give it a try maybe its good to play on 60hz vsync, mouse will move so smooth and its can be good for aiming“. so somewhere here i got mad. Said to him to fuck off and get away from my friend list.
Second part i have to start from the moment when i was invited to play in team planB. But this request comes to me in same time as team easy invited me. So as a fucking nice guy i obviously refuse to join to their team. Well maybe i pick a wrong arument to not join new team. I said something like “i wont join your team coz you are weak players”. Yeah, but i said that to be sure they wont beg me to join again and again. But this pecka guy nursed a grudge on me for long time… I remember we was playing a prac on purgatory, and 3 guys from planB was trying to come to the red armor room having rokets plazma and other shit. And i am just burn em all with only 70 lg ammo, it was so funny and it was like an answer why i didnt join their team - coz even 3 of you cant pass though me. They start asking for my demos like i am aimboting or somethink. But obviously i didnt give them anything. And i think this makes peka even more mad at me. But its an spin off.
Main story line comes to the moment when i come to the rupickup to chek if anyone playing. Many time gone from the moment when i refused to play in planB, but... I found that pickup just started and someone was need a sub. And i decide to sub. But at this moment members of planB clan had admins privileges. So i was instantly banned for no reason just because they can (obviously old resentment). And i even got some insults in pm from one of planB guy. Thats makes me sure this is an old resentment and not something else.
Yeah, not a big drama, But anyway its funny how resentful people can be.
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Brool story co (24 comments)
Posted by stpbozin @ 16:55 CDT, 4 June 2016 - iMsg
Well, its was really long time ago. Like one of the first zotac or g-data or some other online cup i dont remember. But its doest really matter, i just mean it was really long time ago. Its not like i was looking for challenge in duels and had a thoughts to beat everyone. No, nothing like that. Its just like, you know, everyone is going to play tournament, so yeah me too. Public or tournament whatever. On that moment of time i was like really really new. Probably i doest even had proper devices to play. But, its doest matter. i just mean its not like i was ready to beat everyone and someone stopped me. NO, but situation thats happened was really obnoxiously (i cant even spell this word). Even now, after all the time i spen with people who speak english, i am still really bad in it. And back in a day it was x1000 times worst. Like now i can insult anyone without using transator or just make some simple phrase, now its ok for me. But back in a days i wasnt able to read anyting or write anything without translator. I wasnt ready to any converation in english at all.
But i decide to participate in one of online tournaments. Maybe it was my first time i am not sure. All the shit like sign up in irc and picking a server with your opponent's i done it all right. Didnt fail, noone was waiting for me. Yeah, i was good. So my enemy was Guard i guess. I am really not sure but cant remember any other nick name so its supposed to be Guard if i remember his nickname. I am calling it logika. So, he was really friendly at the beggining. He asked me which map i like to play. And i said that i like to play bloodrun. Then he asked me if i like to play vertical vengance. And i said that i wont play vertical vengance. So we started picking a maps. I dont remember what map we got after the pick. Maybe it was something like Battleforged or even Bloodrun doest matter it wasnt vertical vengance. Because yes i remove it. But Guard said, No we not gonna play map that we just pick we gonna play vertical vengance or we gonna pick maps again. And i am like what the fuck is this. I was really confused with this shit. And i obviously refuse to pick maps again or just play vertical vengance. Because fuck you, I am a fucking nice guy, but not when you doing shit like that. Well Guard call an admin to solve our "problem". You know all this problems about which map we should play after we pick a map, ohh so tupical...
I mean it was really hard to translate all this this back and forth. I mean i cant just copy text from console and paste intro tranlator. I have to read the text then switch to translator then type the text by myself and only after this it can be traslated. And if i wish to tell something i also need type text then tralsate then switch to quake and type in console what i got in translator. Yeah i know its my problem. I just mean its takes alot of time.
So. the admin was xou. I cant say anything about this guy. I mean this situation was only sigle time when we met. So defenetly i cant say anything good about this guy. But also i am not judging people by single action. So yeah. This part of storry is most messy. Because when xou comes to the server Guard start talking to him something, alot of text and only thing that i manage to translate is that he said i refuse to picking maps. So i have no idea what they was talking about. And after i realise that i can't translat all this shit i decided to just introduce my side of this situation. But it was too late. When i was trying to make a text in transator i got blinking irc window and yeah i was kicked from turnament banned from channel...
Yeah it's ridiculous how is shitty people are. Guard start doing his shit for no reason. I mean OK you wish to play vertical vengance. So please call your fucking friends and play your fucking vertical vengance with your fucking friends. There is on reason to singup for turnament and asking your opponent to play map you like to play. And especially stupid to act likea bitch after your lovely map was removed. And this xou guy he just belive to all the bullshit guard said to him. OK you gonna say he had no choice coz only guard was speaking. yeah but he didnt spend even 5 minute. he just hop intro the server start speaking with guard and then boom i am kicked. Instantly. So fucking disgusting.
Yeah, this is my real super power. If retard exist anywhere in ql i will meet this bitch he will not escape from me. So, i if you have a doubt about someone retarded or not just ask me i am expert in such things.
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tdmpickup retards strikes again (89 comments, locked)
Posted by stpbozin @ 19:49 CST, 20 December 2015 - iMsg
it's been awhile past my last journal entery and today i finaly have story for you. Let's see how to start.

Well, everything was started from this game.<> some badword player was abit raped and start crying alot and went to admins to tell them a cool storyes abut hacker which comes to play tdmpickup and manage to win such a famous grandmaster player as fragmaster. Well this badword kid was asking for demos with my pov, i mean i dont really care but fuck you i should not gives you anything. But you know, i am a nice guy and i go for compromise i give him a video from the game he asked and i was sure he should appreciate that, but he is not...

Then the other admin contact to me and asked for my old nickname. Seriously, aren't you think its very annoying when everyone asking your demos and names?. i dont know you and you dont know me. its so fucking fair. I mean, you have my steam profile and not even hiden. You can chek whatever you like, just fuck off from me. But ok, i am a nice guy, i tell him my nick name and he also asked for demo so i give him the video. The admin says quote: "many thanks have a nice evening" and its doesn't looks like he needs exactly the demo and not the video. I guess you can agree. But no, how i find out later i was wrong. He was need demo but not video and i was locked for 60 weeks.

i starded to looking for answers. You know, the guy who just ragequit from the game was locked only for 48h but i did nothing wrong and was locked for 60weeks. Looks like a big mistake. So i contact to the other admin. Well it was long conversating and should consider pretty useless conversation.
Its started from that the admin asked me about my old nickname, but add that quote: "not that i care whom u were or indeed are". Well, thats weird when you dont care but anyway asking. So i tryed to find out why he like to know my old nick if he dont care and i find. He need my old nick to change my rating. Well thats have a sense, i mean maybe, well actualy not. Its completely devoid of common sense. Look, i was inactive for 2 years i also changed mouse and mousepad and fix the problem with cpu cooling. Yeah i mean many times and changes gone. So giving to me the old rating is abit stupid. But anyway i dont care and i said to the admin that he can give me any rating he likes. But no, admin keep asking me for nickname, i mean i already told him nickname but he dont like it and he needs something else. So i asking him which nickname he needs. Tell me and i tell you, thats simple. But no he keep asking me for nickname. its like a game Call the numbers that I has thought.

So yeah it was unbelievably useless conversation. He was keep asking but i dont know which answer he needs. He even said i am using vpn and its not allowed. Well at first i am not sure that vpn is not allowed, but even if not and not using vpn anyway. Well, i got banned from tdmpickup channel and also from capickp for some reason.

Yeah, you are right dear reader, it's fucking hilarious. Gohan who attempt to scam team that brings him to play is a nice guy and allowed to play anywhere, well yeah, exept hoq league. But i am not allowed to play on #tdmpickup and even for some reason #capickup which i dont really likes to play.
Its start like always, you just come to play some games but if you any good player other players goes crazy and start calling you a cheater, insulting you, then admins locks you and start threaten and blackmail you. And you became mad and then admins tells you calm down calm down. Srsly, don't fucking touch me and will be calmed as fuck.

Well, i like to write more and more but mayeb later.
add some screenshots
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Shocking interview with CS:GO developer (5 comments)
Posted by stpbozin @ 06:21 CST, 9 February 2015 - iMsg

big potat /10 will watch again
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my latest ql config (23 comments)
Posted by stpbozin @ 11:54 CST, 4 November 2014 - iMsg
kinda perfect config for me.
sharing with you because you know...

be careful your aim can became sick
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[Demo Call] THE MOViEh (9 comments)
Posted by stpbozin @ 04:48 CDT, 9 July 2014 - iMsg
Gonna make some sexy ql movie.
girls can send their naked photos, boys can send most awesome frags on my email:
! important to do not confuse !

Movie name will be something like "Output" or maybe "Output_file" or even "Movie_file" I have not yet chosen, all depends on your demos.

So there is my previous ARTworks and an intro for new movie

[prev ARTwork#1]
[prev ARTwork#2]
[new intro]
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Wonderful quake tips (25 comments)
Posted by stpbozin @ 19:04 CDT, 18 June 2014 - iMsg
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end of the day (105 comments)
Posted by stpbozin @ 15:57 CDT, 7 May 2014 - iMsg
At first, it is not rage, you can be sure. I am not that man who rage and do stupid things. And i am wont make feel shame for someone or something in this way. Here is just too much shit ppl around. And i am tired to see it. When ppl call you cheater, if you playing good, then telling you to reinstall cheats if you playing bad and after some retarded admin-kid bans you with reason lose on purpuse, when you have broken mouse and another admin cant even answer normaly to you because he is 37 years old dude with no balls...
NO! I am just do not want to have anything to do with such people.
If you ask me why i finished like that, using hacks? Well, to make everyone happy. Most of the ppl likes to believe that i was cheater, so i make them happy. Maybe its last happiness in their retarded lives. And do not try to thik thats i am good guy in bad situation. I like to smash face to everyone who talk or did bad things to me, and if i get chance i am not lose it.

So, my last 'you fucking retard' to everyone. and yea
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nostalgy (21 comments)
Posted by stpbozin @ 23:46 CDT, 22 October 2013 - iMsg
Thats just something amazing !
i am found my old email with about 1k unread messages =)
and just look up outcoming messages and guess what ?
Freaking old demos! 6 ql demos from 2010 and even 1 demo from vq3 !

you also can enjoy
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confused (72 comments)
Posted by stpbozin @ 15:42 CDT, 7 June 2013 - iMsg
well, i am confused. pickup admins ban me for cheat in past and not going unban me, because they hate chaters. its ok if it truth. But, at the screenshot you can see short conv. so, this FELiX_ (feLixM in past) guy was banned in ql for hacks and how runny said to me, he run hacks on his pc and just watched demos with wallhack because he dont know about wolfcam and r_shownormals.
omg i will belive in this shit if my IQ level will be about zero.
Really, this felix guy was banned in ql before pickup admins ban me at channel. and how you know, none of my ql accounts didnt banned. So, how its possible ? guy which was banned in ql for hacks not banned at pickup channel, but guy which didnt banned at ql - banned at pickup channel for cheat.

well, for sure admins have personal dislike to me. But in same time i dont like alot of people from pickup which call me cheater and insulting me.
You ban me few times for insulting people. But for sure, when you call me cheater its not compliment. it's
affront. So maybe you ban yourself for insulting people and ecah player which call me cheater?
I know you will not do. You will wait when I get tired and start swearing.

If i join on russian pub server I will be kicked by guys which i saw in first time. but i dont care, russian pub its tier3 players...
Now i am playing at DE location and almost in each game some one talk about me and uses the word "cheat".

I just cant belive what whodares 36 years old...He is acting like this 16years old kids from russian public. Which no have proofs of my cheating, but calling me cheater and kicking from server.
Its not your deal, whodares. If i am cheater - ID Support will ban me !!!

Just explain to me, what different between me and felix ?

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another malignant cheater was banned (46 comments)
Posted by stpbozin @ 07:25 CDT, 25 May 2013 - iMsg
Hai gais
you know I was banned at #tdmpickup, yeah, not in first time, but this time, muhahaha for cheat in past, wow. you gonna say: wAAAT ? Yeah, unbelivible shit.
Pickup admins fucking sure what i am cheat as fuck in past. yeah. Realy, this guys just fucking genius, they must help to id software support to caught cheaters.
What is more funny, they do not think what i am cheat now, but they fucking sure what i am cheat in past.
Damn, what would make me stop cheating ? Here is the question ! maybe, amm, mmmm, eeeee, maybe ... wait, if i cheat in past and not be caught why i stop cheating ? maybe i am not stop cheating, maybe i am cheating all time ? but wait, i never was banned. WHat the fuck is going on ?!!

really, what the fucking point to ban me ? I am fucking sure, every fucking day someone send demos in support about me and how you can see, my account not banned. It tells you something? I play quakelive from beta and never get ban. It tells you something? you fucking sure what i must be banned for cheat in past ?

I send to this runny-asshole all demos what i have, old and new. I even send demo which recorded by ptolemy one or two years ago, where ptolemy call me cheater and vor ban me at tdmpickup. if shot about this story, vor even didnt watch demo, he just ban me because ptolemy call me cheater. Awesome, yeah ?

Really, i just dont know what to say. Its most stupid what happens with me.

oy, hi my ql account is rusak
i delete my other ql accouts because i get notice on email "too many accounts".

some funny quote

[01:24:55] <whodares> they did ban some
[01:25:10] <whodares> some were banned "accussed cheat" some where banned "too many accounts"
[01:25:28] <rusak> they not ban any of my accounts
[01:25:51] <rusak> i delete my old acc's with myself
[01:26:00] <rusak> when get notice on email
[01:26:08] <rusak> and you fucking know it
[01:28:01] <rusak> [01:19:00] <whodares> how many accounts do u have which are banned ? 7/8/9?
[01:28:10] <rusak> what the fuck is it ?
[01:28:35] <rusak> are you drunk? you forget with who you talk ?
[01:29:10] <whodares> drunk no, disapointed
[01:29:20] <whodares> and u have had acc's banned
realy runny, whats fucking wrong with you? "accussed cheat" and "too many accounts" its fucking same reason for you? and you cant delete account if account already banned. So, for sure i never get any ban in quakelive.
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My artworks (20 comments)
Posted by stpbozin @ 10:59 CST, 11 November 2012 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 4.4 (11 votes)
Hi, everyone .
I want to introduce you with my short artwork.
its not movies, its few frags in one clip.

First in series call is "output"
No have intro/outro, sync or something else.
Pov: my
Music: Seven Lions - Polarized (Ft. Shaz Sparx)

Next clip is call output2...yeah
Intro/Outro, sync, some effects, must be nice
Music: Teenage BadGirl - USB Dick

And last is call outut666...Hell Yeah
Music: Mark Knight feat. Skin - Nothing Matters (Noisia Remix)
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