Hello, i got this nostalgic and writing mood. Thats means i'd like to write a story from the past. My memory isnt perfect i barrely remember any names of people or for example it took me 20 years to memorize when is my birthday. But some sittuations getting stuck in my head and i am unsucsessfuly tying to figure out what the fuck it was.

Sorry, it's not a cheating case or something... This happens long time ago. It was last clanbase nations cup or something. And we got belarusian team, we barrely manage to get four players but this is another story. This story mostly about antonio_by.
So, we played a practice match and after the game i start critisizing how antonio_by played. Not the whole match but one particular move he made during the game. He stole my megahealth and its ruined a game a bit.

I can play super efficient without much of resources, support player basicly. I can do damage with machine gun, i like machine gun. So before our practice match we were discussing possitions.
So, i said that my basic possition is on mega, but i will be helping to everyone who in needs. Needs help on rail, i will help you, need support on red armor i will come. Yea, and antonio's possition was on red armor.
On one hand antonio's aim isnt great and its sounds like a mistake to put a player with bad aim on a posstion like ra, where main source of damage output is lg. But we were scared that on other possitions he will be feeding so many frags that team would not be able to compensate.
He had like lowest elo rating, and overall had less expirience and worst aim and everyting worst. Our team dosnt actualy had tdm players exept me, clawz from clanarena, other guy from duels, and antonio himself also from duel and just recently start playing tdm.
So yea, his posstion was on ra, take every ra, take every lg, take every enemy that come, easy task.
And my possition on mega. My resourses was plasma gun, armor shards, shootgun on quad and mega. So team focus was on battle suit, but my task was to steal quad or deal maximum damage to enemy quad. And to complete this task i was obviously needed all this shards and megas.
Thats my strat, its working. I tested it on pickup. It was working great. I was even able to get shaft and rail for myself. Yea, but there was one confusing suttuation. At some point of the game, right before quad, my mega were stolen by my teammate and i'm failed to get quad due my low hp.
Realy unfortunate, but i dont blame my random teammate from pickup. He didnt know the strat, so he did what he did. I guess, if he knew that this is possition of his teammate, he wouldnt stole an important item from his teammate right before quad, right? i am right?

When we were discussing posstions with our team, i'm actualy did accent on my posstion. I said to antoion_by that its realy important for me to have this mega because its only source of health for me. And it was looking like he understood. Ah, yea forgot to say, that the guy who stole my mega in pickup game was antonio_by. So yea, that why i was trying to make sure that antonio undestand where is my posstion on the map. You maybe already undstand what gonna happens later?
Exactly, he did it again in a same way as he did it on pickup. Only difference that this time he was super stacked. In pickup game he had little bit of armor when he were stealing my mega. By this time he had 200 armor, he took my mega and became 200/200 guy. Ok great, with such stack he could go to power up and sucsessufly defend it. Yea, but unfortunatly he went back to his possition on ra. Like what else you could do with 200/200 stack? wait for next ra without scare being killed...
So yea, this rediculous move he made, two times. I dont know why and i had will to figure it out. So i start talking about this sittuation to him. But instead of giving me some logical explanation he start convicing me that i am also doing tons of mistakes that possibly ruing game. And he offered me a demo review with a team. I agreed, its nothing wrong with reviewing demo, its a realy good thing. And i hoped that we get to that moment when he stealing my mega and he will see how bad his move is. But, since its antonio_by we got stuck on first second of my demo. At this map i was spawned near railgun. So i obviously jumped on rail and picked it up, but there was two enemys with machineguns and both were shooting at me. So i tryed to escape from enemys. There was tiny chance that they will land little bit less of bullets on my ass and i will manage to survive. But it didnt happens, they killed me. But i didnt drop rail, so its sound like i did best i can, right?
Well, the reason why we stuck on a first seconds of the game is because antonio_by was trying to convince me that its a huge mistake. That this is basicly braindead 1200elo gameplay, trying to run away in this sittuation. Well, antonio_by said that its super obvious that enemys will kill you there, so you have to switch to gauntlet and try to kill these TWO enemys instead of running away. I was trying to explain to him thats its pointless. Its not impossible to kill both for sure. Like maximum you can do is to deal 50hp damage to each enemy, but its pointless, its a fresh map where is all the health bubbles availilble. He wont listen, and he even got clawz on his side, which is also ridiculous. And together they start telling me that this is most idiotic mistake that even possible to make.
I obvliously call antonio_by an idiot couple of times(becouse he is obviously idiot) and he warrned me that if i will continue talking this way he will get in his car, drive to my home and kick my ass... Just imagine this level of critinizm...
Obviously at this point everything was over. I wont play with such people, i wont to be connected to it in any way. So rest of the matches i was running around shooting machinegun, puttin zero effort in it.

All i wanted from the team is to stick to the plan. Maybe antonio feel like he is getting bullied and it was his way of defence, i don't know, realy. But definitely only thing i tried to to do is to make us win. I even tryed to get sponsor for our team. You know, for like motivation. Motivate the team to play better and do less bullshit.
Our local gaming store had this form on its website, basically they were looking for a team to sponsor. They decline my application... but anyway its a horrible place.
Old miceses out of stock, new is not availible yet and only miceses you can buy from them is the miceses that you can buy from other stores any day for cheaper price.

So yea, i was realy shocked by this sittuation and i still do not undestand what it was. What sort of result they were expecting to get, what profit they were looking for? I dont even have any proper guess what they were trying to do. Like, get rid of me, get tech lose and then blame me for ruined apportunity? I dont know, it's just super weird, completely unexplainable for me.