Hi there its me

Yea, this guy is mental, same as his best buddy proveren. Love is the strongest feeling... i guess sldr is ready to die for his couple.
I mean, the way he protecting this lovely proveren...
At first he accused me in aimbotting, later in video montage(like i edited clips with proveren to make it look suspicious) and last was pedophilia. He accused me in pedophilia. WOW.

I mean, making this accusation makes no sense at all. I can be bad, i can be worst ever person on the earth, its doest matter, its doest change anything.
Its doest change the fact that they both, proveren and sldr, is just a stupid aim assisted kids.

So, about his aimstyle
Its almost the same as proveren have. But, like, more precise, with better settings, you know. In proveren clips you can see how his crosshair snaps on enemy from long distance.
Sldr doing exactly the same, but distances between his crosshair and enemy model is much less. Thats makes it look very legit.
But he is human after all. And he is obviously making mistakes.
Demos of proveren i were watching at timescale 0.7 and it was easy to spot trigger moments. But demos of sldr i had to watch at 0.5 timescale and sometimes even less. Because its realy small crosshair adjustments.
Not sure, but its maybe like lowfov aimbot. Its when your fov is 100, but aimbot fov is 10. And with that you are able to see an enemy, but your aimbot cant. So its will trigger only if your crosshair realy close to enemy. Honestly doest matter what exactly he use and how it works.
Just try to compare crosshair movement before and after. Its like smooth and slow movement, and then bam its quikly snaps on enemy instantly stops, and then start moving smooth and slow again.

So, i gathered some clips of him using aim assist. Its not much and some moments not looking so obvious, but some does.

You may think that i should just wait a bit and gether more obvious moments for clips, and you maybe right.
But today i tryed to join server to spectate sldr, and i was banned from this ahdh server by proveren. By his words i am using aimbot and "aimbots aren't tolerated here"(c)proveren.
For me its best proof that i am right. That its not just "aim style" but aim assisted kids pretending to be aimers. How hard they trying to get rid of me. Accusing me in every possible bullshit, kicking, banning me. Doing all they can.

Not sure about you but for me its obvious. I stop fighting against them long time ago, its pointelss. Its eather retarded adadada spam by proveren or even more retarded face fucking mess with sldr. You will never learn anything from this trash.

Yea btw, this demos from yesturday, just a 1 hour of warmup. Like always, you will die trying to find similar moments in your demos, but this guy have it multiple times during every fight.

Video: https://youtu.be/EDIFra4E8wE
Demos in video description

03/03/2021 Fucking Nice Guy