I'm baffled that nobody came across this before.
I would have thrown that away, but too many quakers were bullied for way too long here, and I thought... well let's expose the truth :)

While searching for Q4 server stats protocol for our q4 community, I found a webarchive page from a site that was generating actual Player stats based on GUID (Sanchez's GUID was oBICWDAI4q0 but thanks to this we discovered way more GUIDs from him ).

The results are kind of straight forward

As I recall, nobody back in 00's knew about that "players" command that provided GUIDS directly into the console, otherwise we would have busted him way earlier than this.

Here is the list of the -now confirmed- sanchez's alt accounts:

- Shadowmaster155
- Ichigo
- Usagi
- Joni

- Many, many more ( see the list)

(GodServant also on ESR, obviously)

Here is the list of the known quakers he impersonated:

- toxjq
- k1llsen
- abso
- Drake

My guess is that's only the top of the Iceberg, but I won't dig into this any further.
I came across that archived page while doing some research, and I thought that would be enlightening for some here.
if any of you want to look into this further, please do :)

Here is the ladder page I found listing all the players :

Here is the page concerning Sanchez and all his alt accounts: