We all have seen this weirdo Sanchez (or God Of War, or Godservant, or Zundrev) spamming about Q4 for quite a while now. I still try to stay somewhat in touch with Quake, so I figured I'll check what this lunacy is about. Joined up the associated discord channel a few months ago, played on the servers, spent a decent amount of time whenever I could to see what it's all about.

Now there is no denying this guy is...I wouldn't say a troll, we need another word, but he's kind of a lunatic. But I never had to interact with him directly, and I didn't have any issues for pretty much my entire time there.

I do have to acknowledge what he's managed to do for the game, something the elitists of the scene never bothered to do. Through his spamming and arguing across websites, discords and youtube, he somehow has managed to gather enough people to essentially give Q4 a new, albeit weak, lifeline.

The discord server is (or was) healthy. Whenever I logged on I could probably get a game within minutes. Plenty of resources were provided to get the game running, and troubleshooting server problems. There were many others who were answering questions, helping new players in different ways, and suggesting practice partners for them. They even had players categorized based on their own ranking system and a ladder, and it all worked well to be honest.

Somehow, with relentless spamming about how great Q4 is and how it's the place to be for the elite of the elite, he was gathering new players in a way that I haven't seen in a long time. The people I met there were people who truly were new to Quake as a whole, and quite enthusiastic; examples of 15-17 year olds, with their main experiences being games like Fortnite, sitting there during evenings grinding their aim and rankings, and with friends to improve with. All seeking their moments of false fame.

Sure, we could argue that these people might not stay around for long, or that outside of the discord the game was still pretty dead. But the point is that this is the kind of the thing Quake titles needed (minus the lunacy). I couldn't help but have a little admiration. I dare say I even had a good time in the few duels I managed to play.

The discord did have weird rules. This guy would barge into conversations and start being the cursing elitist neckbeard as he is around here. He even had a few cronies in his cult now, who helped him out in his stalker-y endeavors.

I was recently kicked and banned from the server for inactivity. I saw it coming from the day I joined, as my personal and professional life are pretty demanding. Not something I expect this group to understand, and is that really something you want to do for a game dead and forgotten?

Anyway, some understandable reasoning, but his cause for doing so was a purge of the server after some members got fed up and made their own community server. He went rabid, got his cronies to find out the names of the people on the other server, kicked and banned them. Then he went on a cleanup spree and kicked and banned a bunch of others, including inactive ones. So that's the end of my peek into Q4 and the antics around it.