I was bored at work so I made this cfg cleaner with foul language. IN EXCEL

It's very simple to use, juste paste a shitty, ql-generated, 2000-lines-long cfg file in the "shitty" tab and voilà, a clean cfg in the "clean" tab appears, ready to be pasted in a nice cfg

I proof tested it with cypher's and av3k's cfgs from DH (which kinda gave me the idea of doing this).

What it does :
- Basically it just copies the important binds and cvars
- For weapons, as a lot of players use complicated stuff on their weapon binds, it copies those

What I want it to do in the near future :
- Copy important vstrs
- Have all the right cvars (right now im based on Lorfa's templates + some I added up, but I think there are some missing)
- Be automated, as in : you'd have a window, browse for a cfg file and bam you get a clean one in some folder

This is where I need help : is there some vba magician who can automate this shit in a little program ? Is this even doable ? Advice, help will be appreciated

big kiss