Keep in mind this thread is only about the Champions mechanic (primary / secondary abilities; weight classes; cooldown pickups), and nothing else. Things like netcode, framerate, visual clarity, other gameplay components, etc. are not relevant to this discussion. That isn't to say that they're not important, because they are and there's definitely some pressing issues there, but they're separate from the Champions mechanic and they've been discussed quite a bit elsewhere.

Because I love reading interesting discussions and in the interest of doing some research, I'm curious to know, after 3 years, what the current thoughts are on the Champions gameplay mechanic.

Hate it? Love it? Used to hate it but now like it, or vice versa? Like the idea but not the execution? Like some of the champions but not others? Some are overpowered / underpowered perhaps? Too many champions? Maybe you don't care for how champions are unlocked / accessed? If you feel like Champions aren't a good mechanic, what other new mechanic would you propose to replace it?

Will be interesting to hear your thoughts.