That map is an absolute abomination gameplay wise.

At least in the previous quake iterations the machine gun was weak, allowing for something other than machine gunning non-stop: the occasional shotgun blast, sometimes a rocket or two, and once in a while some rail shot.

With quake champions machine gun's basic damage of 9 to facilitate the life of the COD and pubg kids, the map is simply unplayable.

Machinegunning from start to end. Nothing else.

What's even more stupid is that devs clearly tought that was a map that would please the newbies, what with all that fancy space theme, the simple geometry, nowhere to hide and pretty much no item management.

But what does the newbie actually struggle the most against? Hitscan weapons, on an open field!

Newbies are just turkeys hopelessly trying to charge with their scalebearers and keels and getting melted down with machinegun and railgun fire over and over and over.

This is the result, in spite of the game becoming permanently free to play just last month:

Newbies are leaving the game, and part of the blame is on longest yard too, a map that was always bad and is only worse in this quake (and very ugly too, devs can't even get down decent aesthetics and atmosphere)

The mappool is a big and overlooked problem: as of right now, there are 3-4 decent maps top, the few others range from bad to terrible.

It doesn't take many hours to get bored of this mappool.

How the hell did it take 3 months to edit Molten Falls?! It's a small map recycling the same assects of the other ones. Same goes for longest yards.

We need maps, good ones, and we need them as soon as possible. Not one 3 months from now and another 3 months later.

Otherwise the negative trend will continue the next months and the queue times will become even more geological that they are now.