UPDATE: (2018-11-18) Sadly the amount of players exceeds the amount of computers available at the NL and Prague LAN cafes. As of now (Nov. 18, 2018) the event is cancelled due to not being able to find a suitable location.


Hello fellow Quakers, bringing back this thread has inspired some Promoders to consider a larger LAN for CPM in 2019, in Europe. Sadly the CPM community is small and we'd like to do something bigger.

We have currently setup a poll here for players interested in cpma CPM. For players in the CPM community I would ask that you complete this form so we can determine how many players are interested to see if this is a realistic plan.

Vanilla Quake 3, Quake Live, QuakeWorld
I was speaking to Finland gaiia last night and he suggested that maybe it would be fun if we could bring the VQ3/QL/QW communities into the mix. As such I am posting here to see if any of the community leaders in those respective games would be able to determine if their communities would be interested in such an event.

Community managers from these communities please contact me! You can contact me here, via email ([email protected]) or on Discord.

Location & Time
We are currently looking at Czech Republic Prague, CZ and Netherlands Netherlands. This will be determined once we have a critical mass of players. We are currently looking at the month of June, 2019.