""Everyone can now join the fast-paced frag frenzy of Quake Champions, absolutely FREE! You heard right - announced during QuakeCon 2018, Quake Champions is now available for all players to download and play for free on Bethesda.net and Steam.
This isn’t a trial or a limited-time event, this is free-to-play Quake Champions!

With several new Champions, modes and features that we’ve built upon throughout Early Access with community feedback, we feel like now is the perfect time to open the doors to Quake Champions. However, there is still additional polish, improvements and new content - like the upcoming Capture the Flag mode - that we want to get into the game before we declare it “fully released.”
Quake Champions will remain in Early Access for the time being, but now we’re opening up feedback and input to everyone. Play the game, tell us what you think and help shape Quake Champions into the best FPS it can be!""