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Miss the dev stream? Itching to know all the exciting developments coming soon for Quake Champions? We’ve got you covered. We sat down with Technical Director John Dean; Monetization Designer David Saunders; Esports Manager John Hill; and Gameplay Programmer Jason Lyons to bring you the scoop!

If you’re looking for a quick rundown of all the new stuff, you’ve come to the right place. If you want to watch the full VOD—and we suggest you do!—you can check it out on

We have even more improvements, functionality, and community-requested features in store for AI opponents! Lead Programmer John Dean delved into the machine code to give us a look at what to expect.

Custom Game support

Want to practice your skills before jumping in to matchmaking with other players? Coming in August, we’re making it easy to add bots to your Custom Games! Players will be able to add bots and adjust basic settings initially, with expanded options coming in the future!

AI Team Deathmatch

Sometimes you just want to relax with friends (or strangers who aren’t yet friends) and blow up some bots. For this purpose, we’re going to introduce a new “Vs. AI” Team Deathmatch mode, where you and 3 other players team up to fight against a team of bots!

Bot behavior and accuracy

Bots are deadly accurate—sometimes too accurate, due to the way bots perceive player hitboxes. In August, we’re scaling the size of player hitboxes as viewed by bots so that they aren’t quite as deadly with their aim. (If you’re interested in the technical aspects of this change, check the VOD! It’s neat stuff.)

We’re also improving navigation (so no more running into walls), as well as weapon and item management behaviors.

Beyond August, you can look forward to bot support for all game modes, and bots that know how to use their Champion abilities!

We’ve got some short-term changes coming up with cosmetics and player rewards that we think you’ll be excited about!

Better daily rewards

One of the things we plan to change frequently is the daily login rewards. Very soon, we’ll be increasing the rewards you get and shuffling a few of the rewards around. You can also expect extra rewards during special events: the first of these will be the week of QuakeCon!

Will there be updates to the loot boxes?

We’ve been making changes to the game economy with every update—and sometimes between updates! (In fact, by the time you read this, more changes might have already happened!) Right now, players are receiving more duplicates than we’d like; we’re going to be tightening this up to reduce the frequency of duplicates. We also want to differentiate further between Chests and Reliquaries, with Reliquaries having better drop rates and items you can only get from them.

What about making (insert item here) available in the store?

Every Thursday, we have new featured deals on Champion skins, vanity items, and cosmetic weapons. Players have been asking, “When can I get this weapon?”—we know you want that Plasma Gun—and it is our general intention that unless a weapon is for a special event (such as the Quakecon 2018 Heavy Machine Gun!), you WILL eventually have an opportunity to acquire it in the Platinum store! Who knows, maybe even sooner than you think?

Esports Bundle

Our players have asked us, “How can we help support Quake esports?” Well for a limited time you can with the upcoming Esports Showdown bundle! This bundle is the best value we’ve offered, with the new Quake 4 “Redeemer” Gauntlet, 7-day XP boost, 2 Reliquaries, and 200 Platinum. This is also the first bundle that you can purchase multiple times, and know that you’re helping to grow the Quake Champions tournament scene! Look forward to it in the store.

And speaking of esports…

QuakeCon is just two short weeks away, and you know what that means: tournaments, tournaments, and more tournaments! Beginning Friday, August 10, we’ll be streaming the QuakeCon Open 2v2 tournament on With $200,000 in prizes, we’re sure to see some intense competition