Matchmaking will become even more bad

In new patch they will take off ELO points from winner. And give them to loser.


It means, now ELO range 0 -2900(rapha).
In new patch will be 0-2600 or even 0-2400(rapha). Dont know how much.

As result matchmaking will search +-600 ELO or even +-800 ELO. For example if you 800 ELO(your elo will be 1100 or similar), you will play with 1500 or 1400. But in game man with 1500\1400(real skill) will looks like 1200(scoreboard), but will play like 1500\1400.

It means super shit matchmaking.

Same problem, not enought players in QC. But they want now to remove matchmaking by this shit.