I think the actual main goal for id software at this point is to balance all the champions so that at least 80% of them are playable with equal chances against any other champion(s).

With the previous and current patch(s), we've seen a lot of different "meta", with like some champions definitely put in "top tier" and others in "low tier", but overall the latest patch is going in the right direction regarding champions balance, and we're starting to see more champions played than before, without a "mega strong pick" that is a must choice.

So, once they'll all be at something else than the crappy "overwatch meta", (let's be honest, overwatch isn't a bad game but obviously it's not quake and it lacks some proper movement system, and there is actually too much heroes (25?) with like 70% of them not used during true competitive environment) which is obviously not something we want with QC, we'll finally be able to play with the champion we like the most (because of how it looks, how it works, what playstyle it brings), and not "forced" to play the strongest picks.

id software also mentionned many times that QC is not like OW, in a sense where their objective is not to force the players to play the strongest meta, but rather play with the style that suits them the most.

That said, here we go:

1°) Make duel 1 champion pick only, without the possibility to change champion at each death or suicide/respawn
2°) Make the champion's pick for both players hidden before the match starts, so that situation where "if I pick Nyx he will pick visor", won't happen, but anyway when the balance between the champions will get better, I think there won't be such things like mentionned previously
3°) Make it timelimit 10
4°) Make it fraglimit 20 (since it's 50 for 2v2 and 75 for 4v4, and I think a fraglimit would be less frustrating for beginners or lower tier players), remove the round system, go back to "classic" 1v1

AND THAT'S ALL :-). Idk men ez, the ball is on your side id software.

Also, quake = 1v1 and 4v4, especially 1v1. Period.