They create groups in our social networks. They bans those who writes truth about Quake Champions. About engine and gameplay problems.

They somehow receive small money from ID or from Saber.

They appoint administrators of groups of employees from Saber.

They very often write laudatory responses about game to new players. Engine is perfect. Netcode is better than in GTA V =)

I'm bothered to see as they disturb to game development and lies to newcomers.

Also Saber has small group of fake accs(or not fake). And that accs do likes every post. And makes fake votes on polls.

Here their photo and nicks

You simply should know.

c-58 manager (BASE+ VENGEUR) 2600 ppl group. Shittiest person.

Dizel - one of moderators on plusforward. Also he is one of the testers of QC patches for example.
adem - just one of q3 promoder's - small liar person.