We’ll be deploying an update on 25.01.2018 that includes: Phase 1 of our new hit detection system, many quality of life items and Champion balance changes. We estimate the update process will take place from 8AM EST - 3PM EST (1PM GMT to 8PM GMT).

Phase 1: (NOW LIVE) Weapon hits are now detected client-side on our new capsule based hit skeletons, validated server-side. More details in our upcoming Dev Diary video

Phase 2: (TBD) Move Champion Ability hit detection to the new capsule skeletons

Premium Weapon Shaders added
Private Messaging added
Voice chat voice activation added
3rd person spawn animations added
Champion Difficulty Visual Indicators added
Fixed issue for Keel’s ability which caused FPS drops
Fixed issue when sometimes DOOM Slayer was missing punch animations

Starting Health 100 to 75
Max Armor 75 to 50

Cooldown 40 to 60
Duration 8 to 10
Health Bonus 1 to 3

Max Speed 560 to 600
Air Control Acceleration Reduced
Enabled Crouch Ledge Grabbing
Removed Forward Acceleration
Removed Bunny Hop Acceleration

Max Armor 75 to 100

Dual Wield
Increased Weapon Rate of Fire
Cooldown 48 to 45
Duration 5 to 7

Mining Drill
Damage 5 to 7
Drill Radius 0.12 to 0.1

Targeting Range 1.4 to 1.5

Unholy Totem
Cooldown 30 to 25
Damage 75 to 100

Base Speed 300 to 310


Grenade Swarm
Self-Knockback 1.0 to 1.5


AirAcceleration 1.2 to 1
Bunny Hop Added


Dire Orb
Explosion radius 3 to 3.5m
Damage 100, with falloff


Bull Rush
Increased damage from Bull Rush & Heavy Weight
25 dmg > 300 ups (Bull Rush Only)
50 dmg > 400 ups
100 dmg > 500 ups
150 dmg > 600 ups


Air Accelerate 1.1 to 1
Forward Acceleration 0.7 to 0.5


Acid Spit
Acid Spit Damage 25 to 30
Spit Knockback 0 to 5
Acid Pool Damage over Time 7 to 10


Piercing Sight
Cooldown 43 to 40
Duration 5 to 7

Winter holiday décor removed
Fixed issue on Blood Covenant where player could get stuck on jump pads using high speed movements
Fixed more issues for falling out of the map after using Ranger's Dire Orb on multiple maps
Improved issues with incorrect respawns on Blood Covenant in TDM
Fixed issue when time zone was incorrect for sent messages
Fixed mouse sensitivity only being able to be adjusted by increments of 0.25
Fixed misaligned PiPs for Clutch vanities

Fixed an issue that caused some players to crash to desktop when launching the game
Fixed issue where closing client using the exit button resulted in an error
Fixed issue when Spectator experienced a jittery camera if the player they were spectating was running very high fps.
Fixed issue when the ‘Play Now’ button could be locked when a player left a match
Fixed Premium shaders that appeared low res in main menu
Further traffic optimizations
Fixed spike on victory podium screen
Fixed issue where player could experience extra inputs moving champion with high FPS (phantom jumping)

Fixed issue when players who completed placement games had rating in all scoreboards
Nameplates now have SR rating on them
League icons are now synchronized with what’s shown on post-match sequence
Fixed issue where player could receive negative rating for a win in Duel
Leaving from ranked warm-up should now work correctly

Fixed issue when weapons with shader applied did not have quad vfx
Fixed issue with broken sfx when player first spawns into training

Fixed issue in Leaderboards where the Game Type: Duel was not capitalized
Fixed issue when Leaderboards button did not work if player was in the first page
Fixed issue while changing league there was no correct change sequence
Increased the amount of leaderboard pages supported
Removed blank last page from leaderboards

Fixed issue where Brazilian-Portuguese was not localized on Steam and displayed only in English
Various Localization fixes made

Removed snowfall vfx in Main Menu
Fixed issue when the one player who left the duel would see empty post-match podium
Fixed issue when Play button may become grayed out and block consecutive matches for several minutes after completing a match
Fixed issue on Steam: While being in the queue after linking an account, the user could still click the Create Account button
Fixed issue where Confirmation pop-up icon went out of bounds
Fixed issue for the number of Tokens collected was not displayed in-game or on the Training Completion screen
Fixed issue for Blacklisted user receiving inconsistent messages when attempting to Follow, Invite, or Private Message
Fixed issue where some weapon names under Weapon Statistics were inconsistent
Fixed issue where incorrect champion was shown on the profile screen. Post-match statistics are now assigned to the correct champion
Spectator in Free Camera can now use teleporters

Added: INDIA, Mumbai
Added: USA, Ohio; Removed: USA, Iowa
More Coming Soon...