I think it is time i threw my two sense into this pool of rants we have here on ESR now =]
*hits tha blunt*

I really feel that iD Software and Saber do not care about us. How many people do you see upset with quake champions and YET you still no positive changes like for real most pros like the money but you do have some woke pros such as strenx calling them out on the BS they try to pull =] - shoutout to strenx -

The game is losing hundreds of players a day and the larger esports scene does not welcome this game which is a sad day for all quakers everywhere =[

Even if our utmost support what will this do if the big guys at ID and saber do not care about the game and they certainly do not care about us... you know its time like these when i think MJ said it best
All I want to say is that
They don't really care about us

I wanted to believe quake champs would save us but i really feel its not working out. im a point now where i leave this game or support it fully.

I welcome you [my ESR brothers] to change my mind but i really am losing hope =[