I find the current QC duel boring and limited in terms of gameplay combinations that could happen during one game on one map. Why it is limited and boring?

- There always will be stronger and weaker champions
- Giving to player only 3 picks limits his abilities to adjust his gameplay to an enemy
- In result any duel is usually a clash of 3-4 champions which are strongest at this moment
- Round-based champions annihilation is a quite boring and non-intensive action, as it is about rounds and not about players' creativity in terms of planning the whole match & making frags
- And the last - it doesn't have that spirit of old duels at all. Just imagine a boxing match where each fighter needs only 3 punches to win a round...

So here is an idea of a proper duel format for QC from an old duel lover:

Pre-game phase:
- No rounds, only frags
- 10 minutes timelimit with sudden death on even frag score
- A player bans - B player bans - A player picks - B player picks
- Bans are common for both players
- Picks can be the same
- Amount of start bans can be increased in the future

In-game after your death:
- You can mark one champion for ban even the one used by your enemy, but the actual ban happens only after pressing "Respawn", so you can pick and ban the same champion
- You can't mark for ban if you have performed a self-kill
- There is no 3 seconds delay before pressing "Respawn" button, it is just a waste of time that gives advantage to the enemy. In other words pressing SPACE button means ban the marked champion and spawn with the selected champion now
- Enemy champion should be pre-picked on the selection screen after your death, so you can skip banning and just spawn with the same champion by pressing SPACE
- If you didn't spawn in 5 seconds you'll be forced to spawn with the same hero as your enemy has
- The last champion can't be banned

So in result we have:
- Ability to ban strongest enemy champion on pre-game phase
- Similar to vanilla duel map/item control gameplay (imo it wasn't that bad as developers think)
- New strategic depth of gameplay with wide variaty of pick-bans during the match, also ban wars if both players gets fragged at the same time
- Wide ability to make a counter pick in-game, not only on pre-game phase that is currently limited by 3 heroes
- Ability to make a great comeback until the timelimit hits as it was before in QL and in older Quake versions
- A possible clash of the same champions with multiple frags in late stage of the game

So that's it, please share your opinions, post your ideas about duel changes. I'd like to know if you like it or no, so then I can try to sum everything and share it with developers in order to make QuakeChampions better. Thanks for reading!

Update 2017.11.18: Seems like developers aware of most issues explained here and they are gonna explore possible duel mods in the future: https://www.plusforward.net/quake/post/41248/...es-Nov-17/