So interesting, i just want to make a thread, because no one answered him in right way ;)

goodmania: Giving you so much advantage from major items is not deep by any means but its a monopoly...i would say quake champion is more fair game than quake live....

Not fair?

In StarCraft you build 3+ additional CommandCenters over minerals...

Is it fair?

Monopoly?... actually yes..but you can't control all (4)devices, there are always time windows + good positions(archs, angles) wich helps you to intercept enemy map control. It's a part of game, you need to calculate right moments(when you calculateing - you playing, like when you aiming - you playing..etc)

As example LostWorld, where you eat far yellow+shards until 125 150.
Or Campgrounds, where again, you eat yelow +shards
Or BloodRun, where you can eat shards + high yellow.

"this is shooter...let me shoot..i wanna only to shoot...blah blah blah"

goodmania: You probably are item focused player that you feel fast paced game feel game is better than slow game...

She random, because you can't predict enemy pos with high precision without major items. QL random too, but you can eliminate randomness by half if you know timings and enemy pos.

goodmania: on the other hand quake live is slow and defensive....

QC is not faster, 5 frags in 5 minutes - pretty the same ;) What are you talking about? lol... Yes we have Anarki and Slash, thats it, on the other hand Sorlag, Scalebearer, Galena, Clutch(?)... Do you feel that models dodge in QC little slower than in QL?

Defensive, yes, but not slow. FAST-DEFENSIVE!

OK ok, i'm just trolling , lets call it slow, but on the other hand QC - more stupid, FAST AND STUPID.

goodmania: I disagree better players win at quake live....rapha is not a better player as you can see in quake champion but items give a player too much stack so it unfairly gives inferior player a chance to beat better player by picking up major items....quake champion is more fair game because major items give less stack than in quake live so it doesn't give unfair huge advantage only to those who pick up items so inferior players have less chance to beat better players....

Best aim = best player... so other shooters :(

Do you like Instagib? So interesting to watch it on twitch...such a deep commentaries... "WHAT A BRILLIANT RAIL!!!!!!!! :o "

For my opinion, major items brings more gameplay situations and tactics. QL for now more hardcore than QC ( aim+control against aim+little control). QC something like only a part of QL. But if gamedevs make control+aim+champions then QC>QL.

As a conclusion, you just not a quaker, something like

mutated counterstriker

Anyway, welcome! My hope about 10000 settings in Custom Game(armor settings, chempions settings, speed settings, etc), so everyone can enjoy the game and find something new and interesting gameplay.