Make Quakecon Predictions here!

Ok, so I didn't watch any QC except 20 mins. of strenx' stream vs. Cooller, so kill me for not knowing what I talk about, but judging from previous Quake Competitions, you can predict that the big names are making it far and winning the thing.

I don't think an underdog will win; but then again it's QC, which is the most underdog friendly ARENAFPS ever, because of the round system, champions ability, which makes the game somewhat random at times; so there is the a very high upset probability.

Still: My predictions:

If Rapha has enough time to practice, he will always place top 3, because he is the most self-reflexive player there is - he knows his weak spots and will eradicate them in training. (Also he puts the lord first).

Cooller looks as strong as he can be. (Judging by watching 20 mins. of strenx-stream)

1. Rapha; 2. Cooller: 100%

Maybe the matchup won't happen, because they rob us of that final because of seedings or single elims: -10%

However it's QC and not QL/Q3 so there is a factor of randomness present: -20%

Q.E.D.: Rapha vs. Cooller in finals 70% confirmed.

But what about the other players: The other CIS contenders had to struggle with bad teams, that didn't support them Av3k, Cypher, I think? Which is very bad for their psyche - also: have they really sorted their stuff out? It doesn't look like it, and for me that is a huge part of the game: again: Rapha so self aware, and on top of his emotions, that he is able to put out his best performance pretty much every time

The other CIS players have a bad start as well: Agent (not attending prolly), Evil have all sorts of troubles which is bad for morale.

What about the eternal EU-3rd-7th placers? Most of them are not really training for duel e.g. fazz. K1llsen will have the best spot at making it far as is strenx. But they won't be contending for the first place.

Newcomers? You tell me, I didn't watch QC a lot, but please don't tell me that one of the guys, who has been playing quake for ages or decades (and never won anything big) and qualified, because of that merit and decided to take it half seriously will have a chance of an upset. US players? Well I doubt anyone besides Rapha has a chance - it's impossible to judge their performance anyways, since the level of play, I would guess must be so much worse, than CIS/EU. (Same for Asia/ AUS or S.Africa)

Maybe an outsider/newcomer will have a chance, but I don't really know them. You tell me! I think in the EU Qualifier they talked of a CS:GO Player Dreamer or smth. he won against tox, I believe?

TL;DR: Maybe someone, who actually plays and watches the game will chime in and make some predictions, which aren't entirely based on affection!