"According to Agent, he has a recently renewed passport, and he wrote to Syncerror and Zero4 repeatedly about an invitation, but got only one response quite recently from Zero4, asking for details what were already sent.

He didn't book an interview at the US embassy because he didn't know if he's going, and with current situation booking is almost impossible. So his only chance now is some help from ESL and/or id. Which is unlikely. To add to all of that, Agent's main source of income (sports betting) is quite unstable and can be a hurdle during the interview.

Also, side story of Agent and his LAN attendance (as told by him on his streams, with my opinions and if I'm remembering all that correctly). Some time around 2010-2011 he wanted to git gud at quake and win something. He was training constantly and already had some online and LAN top placements. So at some point he had a deal with M5 gaming organisation that they will support him going at Quakecon 2011. He got a foreign travel passport and was ready to go, placing a lot of effort in training. But less than month before the event M5 suddenly kicked him out, taking Cooller instead. M5 managers just said something like "Sorry, Cooller is a bigger name than you". That was the tilt moment for Agent, and he doesn't get anything e-sports related seriously since then. Also he says that all those rumours about him not having a foreign travel passport are untrue. Time checks out, btw, he could get a 5-year travel passport in 2011 and he could renew it with a 10-year travel passport in 2016 or 2017.

Some may dislike Agent, but there is unfortunately a big possibility that he will be unable to participate at Quakecon. He has quite a personality, he's objectively one of the top contender, he can be a great drama generator, and without him Quakecon will definitely be more dull, leaving us, viewers, at a loss."