fighting games got alot of crossovers. zelda the main elf from nintendo (pic related) was in some dreamcast fighting game about swords or smth

heres a list of video games crossovers:

if ID software had a allowence form bethesda for crossover char's (i don't want to violate my NDA by saing they do), who do u want to see?

the guy from skyrim would be cool. he could shot arrows at people's knees to make them slow down lol and then you could hear slasher or anarchy say smth like "i used to be a champion liek u until i got a arrow on my knee"

or maybe u could have fall out boy, and he shots a nuke or an get into the fall out boy armor to fight??

also in quake 3 areans u can play at james carmike and tom willit...maybe in quake chamipons u can play as stinkhair or johnathon "zero4" window.