slasher is regularly deleting posts that do not violate user guidelines. here is an example of the quality of posts slasher is deleting. regular users may not be aware that deleting posts with replies is an admin behavior that is actively discouraged. site guideline violating posts with replies are to be nuked. slasher is not even notifying users about their posts being deleted. why is slasher deleting posts? does he have a particular agenda or motivation for removing posts that are critical of id software, or that inform users about id software's history in this community?

imagine that you expend your most valuable asset, your time, to craft and submit some content to esreality, and some administrator covertly removes your content without even the respect of notifying you as to why, or giving you an opportunity to defend yourself or appeal the decision. many of these users may not even realize that their content is being permanently removed and hidden from the history of this site.

esreality thrives on content, whether that content is controversial, celebratory, funny, embarrassing, critical, or whatever. by removing this content, users like slasher are artificially cultivating a particular experience for esreality users. are esreality users the sort of users who want people like slasher, teen queen, zaggs, etc., dictating what their experience will be? do esreality users need to be protected from other users sharing information about the quake champions beta?

teen queen and zaggs are censoring posts that they claim "break" the quake champions NDA. here is the admin conversation in which teen queen and zaggs "justify" their decision to withhold legitimate news and opinion from esr users. at least nukm has the integrity to bother to ask why this administrative behavior is occurring.

is esreality becoming fake news for quake champions?