I mean honestly everything about it besides the graphics are completely and utterly disgraceful in my opinion. There are literally no current redeeming factors.

I can't get the game to run over 40-60 FPS (GTX 770, AMD FX8350)

LG and RG feel like they don't register for shit. RG feels delayed.

Classes exist.. With different health values, base speeds and fucking hitboxes..

RL is delayed and clunky as fuck..

Movement feels smooth at times and clunky at times..

Some classes are extremely gimmicky, oh yeah and classes exist..

The game just feels horrible in general.

Feels like you die to random bullshit and clusterfucketry just like OW all the time.

Too many particles to see what you're fucking aiming at. I left my glasses in another state but not that it'd help because the problem is so bad it's absurd..


Wall Hax


People skip around and lag like crazy, networking masterpiece.

You start with basically a weak and super inaccurate LMG, shotgun or PG..


Just play old Quake games? Oh, you mean the dead games that'll be 4x as dead because of QC?

This is honestly the worst FPS I've ever played, no lie. It's obviously an uninspired cash cow aimed at mainstream normies who're going to default to LoL, OW, CoD, CS:GO and BF1 anyway.