Hello everyone, as some of you may or may not already know Oceania have three quake live players heading over to Quakecon 2016 this year in Dallas, Texas. Rumoured to surface more information about iD Software’s most recent announced game, Quake Champions, Quakecon has always been one of the biggest Quake Live tournament events since the games release in 09.

This year is no exception hosting the Duel Masters Championship showcasing a $25,000 prize purse and bringing in the top European and North American players. With our players, Australia Andrew ‘Python’ Cha Cha, Australia Frazer ‘Fraze’ Hockley and Australia Cameron ‘Cam’ Hockley, nearly packing their bags, we sat down with the Twins to get their thoughts on the trip. Players from within the 4sg community have even donated their own money to help everyone feel a little more comfortable whilst over there. Fraze has also just been picked up by Australian Team Corvidae.

Links: Fraze iview, Cam iview, Quakecon, Corvidae