Nine days ago Tim Willits walked out onto the Bethesda E3 show stage to formerly announce Quake Champions. However, details were light and questions remained unanswered.

Enter free British tabloid newspaper the Metro's GameCentral. In this interview Tim Willits is caught off guard when the interviewer begins with a complaint and starts to spills the beans on the beginnings of project "Lovecraft" and the design of Quake Champions.

Read the interview here for more hard hitting questions such as:

GC: You’re bringing back such memories for me now. I knew this guy that always got his girlfriend to time when they respawned. And they all used to… I can’t remember exactly what they were doing but they turned all the textures off or something, to make sure it was always 60fps?

TW: [laughs] It was called flat-shaded. It normalised the textures to a single colour.