yo ESR im back takin a break from my work

i been on that hard hustle lately so respect my grind im takin a minute to write you a journal [this one is 4 u] =]

home of many scum bags and legends [not mention any names but maybe u think of dizzle heheh] but all the same even if you think me a fool or idiot or something else of low iq well not to worry?

who is the most infamous trolls of ESR?
who are these talentless hacks that racked up god mode reputation with zero quality to they post

dizzle- i almost had god mode i was a king but it all got taken away from me, my legacy smashed, my wife walked away, my son think my name is dirt but i have recovered.

say your piece ..... who is that infamous troll you always think when think ESReality.com ??

thanks for reading
til nex time