The fourth round of the TDM League is starting on Sunday evening.

In the first division, Europe Incoming Murderes are leading with 3 victories and still have to play Czech Republic Team CZE (this Sunday / wildcard by CZE) and Russia POXUI (14th at 21CET). So far they seem to be on the right path to win the big prize. The outcome of Europe REKT versus Russia Deliberate Murder will be important: the winning team will be able to take the 2nd rank in the league. Europe EliteFour decided to drop from the league and disband after losing to Deliberate Murder (VOD).

All the results of the previous matches are available. Also we have some VODs and spec demos.

You can now use the HoQ gametype factories on your dedicated servers (workshop.txt) for the proper leagues' settings. All the players are now required to enter their Steam ID on the HoQ website, you can read more about it.

Streams: Flair TV, fazz, Russia 102
Links: Schedule, Rules, Prize money, Sponsored by ZOWIE
Contacts: mIRC #HoQLeagues, steam Steam Group