I will be streaming MOSTLY cs:go, with almost 99% of the time will be matches on ESEA and ESEA pugs with some buddies or solo. I might get some Reflex FPS + H1Z1 in there if it is possible, but this is mostly a CS:GO stream. If I get to the goal of 100 followers I will start giving away skins, I have a few and will be willing if I get 100 followers + 40-50 daily viewers. I will stream around 5:30pm PST every day usually and get some games in! Come join me, the twitch page is still in ALPHA so it doesn't look pretty but I am making sure to keep it up :D

I came from 1.3-1.6 cs and also play many years Quakeworld, now I am back in action in CS and also will add some AFPS games in there. Thank you all for the support and love!!

My twitch page CLICK HERE!