Is it cus of the school holiday? I barely saw a hacker the first 3 months I played. But in the last 2 days, I've played against three full 5-"man" pre-made teams of hackers. All 5 guys with exactly the same number of hours, and a comments page full of angry opponents warning others about their cheats. The first time, one even got an overwatch conviction in the game. (though, right at the end when it was too late)
And these were all prime matches. Does valve think it's hard to borrow a friends phone long enough to receive one code by text?

Can you get a cooldown for killing yourself every round? Cus if I'm stuck in a game with a bunch of morons who think it's fun to have a piece of software destroy enemies on their behalf, I'd rather just deny them that pleasure and get the game over with.
I don't feel like wasting my time giving pleasure to these "people", and I'm sure they will be banned and any lost Elo restored soon enough