now that the arrival of VR hardware seems imminent, do you think a version of Q3/Qlive will be adapted for these devices? As some of you may know already John Carmack actually worked on the Occulus Rift so it seems kind of fitting that his best work should be supported by it. Also I've read that QLive may become Steam exclusive in the near future, if this is the case then Valves foray into the VR market ( http://www.cnet.com/uk/news/watch-ou...s-astonishing/ ) may also be a possible contender to support Quake.

All this recent hype about VR reminded me of an old TV show I watched in '94 called Wild Palms. It was billed at the time as a tv 'event series'. The main theme was 'Virtual Reality' a buzz word at the time. I started watching it again recently on Youtube and was staggered by how close Microsofts Hololens device actually mimicked the shows technology. Even the name of the TV technology struck a chord, it was 'Church Windows!'

Ms Windows predated the show so clearly thats where the influence came from, but to see a device appear 20 years after the show that performs almost exactly as that depicted makes you wonder if this is a case of life immitating art.

Your thoughts please....
CaTfOoD aka BarryBumCheeks