So i propose the "Lets get Global" dream and invite anyone else with the same goal to play with each other and see if we are skilled enough to do it. Everyone decent at CSGO needs to get the Global Elite badge at least once even if your mostly playing ESEA or FaceIt!

Rather then going into too much detail i will just get on with what i consider the basic requirements to be!

LE/LEM+, No Ragers, No Cheaters, No Lurker or AWP Whores, Team Player, be Knowledgeable (Smokes/Flashes/Gamesense), can play most maps

Good chance we will get cheated against 20-50% of the games we play but unless its super blatant and pointless i do expect everyone to at least still try and win as many rounds as possible and not just give up at the first hurdle.

Why ESR and not somewhere else? I love Quake and the mindset of Quake players, i consider a hidden talent among us having a superior outlook on situations and mentality making us stronger then the average gamer. You probably know how hard it is to find decent people/players on CS focused communities.

Steam group that will develop if there is enough interest, for now its just a join if your interested thing

I can and will go into much greater details if there is enough interest but for now reply here, add me on steam or just the steam group. I would like to make and find new friends who want to play for fun but still on a decent level.