Name: G.I. Jonesy
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ESR is the main problem with Quake. It's ancient, it never receives major updates or changes, most of its users are European, it is insular and isolated, its community is poor at business, it increasingly becomes totalitarian, it suffers from delusions of perfection, and its administrators ban contributors who follow the rules. If you can't tell whether i'm talking about Quake or ESR, it's because there is no difference between them. What we need is an alternative.

If someone could build a Quake site that is attractive to people outside of Europe, it could help bring the kind of diversity missing from the world of Quake. It could represent something new, progressive, inviting, and encouraging of participation from all people. Pretty much the exact opposite of ESR.

You might think other websites died off because Quake died off, but maybe that isn't really true. Regardless, the convergence of people from other Quake sites to ESR did mark the beginning of a major shift from progress to stagnation. Maybe though, those sites died for other reasons, and a competing Quake site could be perfectly functional. Breaking apart the critical-mass monopoly that is ESR, given the regressive effect it has on Quake, would potentially serve as the solution this game needs.

I don't know if i'll be able to continue supporting ESR. I know you're a bunch of ungrateful cocksuckers, but guess what... I don't get paid to contribute content here. I've never liked ESR, and without large-scale changes to the system, I never will. I only come here to support Quake, and i've come to the conclusion that by supporting ESR, I am destroying Quake.

Maybe this song will more clearly express my views of ESR: