Fuck that, supporting textures/materials isnt finished and people are jumping on a conclusion that this is how the game will look like when its done which is obviously not true. In the end I decided to do not try to experiment with something that is not finished therefore I remade the map with proper nolight/default dev textures - http://thc333.com/reflex/thcdm10/index.html

Map page - http://thc333.com/reflex/#tenth
Screens - http://thc333.com/reflex/thcdm9/

Map page - http://thc333.com/reflex/#eleventh
Screens - http://thc333.com/reflex/thcdm10/index.html

edit: thcdm10 - I fucking messed up file structure wihtin that zip the proper should be structural/pk01/pk01_wallbig01b so files that were in structual needs go to into structural/pk01, reuploaded the proper version.

If you want to test it out without having to download textures or they dont work for some reason the map is also available on my FR host or look for "[FR]thc333.com/reflex" in the server browser and callvote map thcdm9tx or thcdm10tx