Hello all,

After seeing some players in group B lose to this guy Razorback (brand new account, 80 duels played, 2000+ elo already) some saw their chances of passing the group decline. Seeing this upset me.

I know a lot of people might think it's not a big deal to play with a fake account, but please let me try to give you an idea of why this should not be allowed:

The main reason is the following. By using a fake account your statistics (best maps, worst maps, weapons, playstyle etc) become anonymous. The fakenicker still has all this knowledge about his opponents, and can use this to great advantage during the map picking. The fair player can only hope to pick his best map after the removals, which is NOT the strategy that you would often use while picking maps vs other fair players, as you also take your oponents weak maps into consideration.

Unfortunately it seems to be impossible to get Nico (the main 125fps admin) to realize this. Some logs:

`? just play your best maps ). razor probably is fake, but and what? he is not players of evil/cypher level, so why you care?` - Nico

Why do I care? Cause he's still good enough to beat other fair players in the groupstage, which might not have happened if he'd play on his real account. This one shows Nico has no clue about how fakenicking influences mappicking.

´bryan, we played without this stats from q1 era` - Nico

This makes me sad because he completely seems to be oblivious about the fact that with fakenicking in QL, there's still ONE player of the two with access to his oponents statistics...

So please 125fps, realize this is some form of cheating and block all obviously experienced players with less than 300 duels or so on the account from participating, Faceit had such a rule and for a good reason.