Im currently trying to improve at duel, and what always buffled me was the "how does this guy who is just 100-200 elo beyond me crush me so bad and read my moves so easy".

And yet I felt like that i could also put this question on the pro level as well...i thought finding an answer on this might help me a bit understanding duel more - in general.

How does it come that people like Ash/Plazma/Baksteen/dem0n(?)/claws (and probably ~50 others as well around this level...hopefully)
can not get to beat the pros or get beyond them. In the recent years it was all about Evil/Cypher/Cooller/Strenx/K1llsen/Tox and maybe 2-3 more i randomly guess now...

Everyone can probably agree that players like ash/agent and so on and so forth are really decent, but what holds these people back from constantly beating players like Cypher/Rapha...or at least going 50/50 with them...instead of like 10/90...or 30/70 at best...?

Those people easily beat like 90% of the top100-200 population in duel, but when it comes to the very tops they just cant seem to be able to do someting, what differs the pros from those other people?