...for EMS One Katowice 2014 (and perhaps beyond that event). From HLTV.org:

"British caster Duncan "Thorin" Shields has been removed by the ESL from the casting crew for EMS One Katowice following some inappropriate comments made about Poland.

Shields had been hired by the ESL to work as an analyst throughout EMS One Katowice, but as the first matches were played, the spectators were left wondering where the British caster was.

It turned out that Shields had been fired by the ESL over some inappropriate comments he made about Poland during a recent podcast of the 'Unfiltered' show.

Among other things, Shields labelled Poland "one of the worst countries in Europe" and compared the ESL staging the event in Katowice to the Olympics being held in Africa, esportsheaven reports.

Over at reddit, ESL's Head of Commentary, Paul "ReDeYe" Chaloner, commented on this issue, saying:"

Some of the comments Thorin made on the show:

"Well it’s in Poland and I think the tickets are pretty cheap so I assume it will be sold out.. Because what the fuck else is going on in Poland? And they’ve got that existential hole of being Polish to try and fill with some esports.”

“Maybe, it’s like when you have the Olympics somewhere in Africa and they can all pretend they’re part of the developed world for two weeks, and then everyone just leaves and they’re still in the dirt.”

“Poland is one of the worst countries in Europe, bro. It’s one of those countries where when they opened up that Schengen Agreement for European countries, where if you’re in the EU you can move freely between countries.. Like, the second they opened that up everyone in Poland was just like “Cool, let’s get the fuck out of Poland” and they just went to the next countries.”

“Put it this way, it’s another place also where there’s constantly news stories where at their football games they have straight up racism aimed at all black players, with the whole crowd like chanting stuff or throwing banana peels. That happened like 50 years ago in the developed European countries - that shit happens, like, now in Poland.”

“If you hold the event somewhere shitty, then it’s going to seem awesome and loads more people will come.”


UPDATE: from Thorin's twitter:
"I'm sorry that people were upset by my comments on Unfiltered. I don't want there to be a negative atmosphere around the event. I hope the CS:GO tourney is a success and the casting team doesn't suffer any negative feedback due to me not pulling my weight."