Maybe Iím on a slow train, but Iím starting to notice a drastic increase in aliasing in NA servers. There are more aliases than ever before and they come in bunches. They know eachother, invite to private premium servers, and I was in 4v4 games with 4-5 people whose accounts are 1.5 month old, but skill level seems to be 2000+ elo.

#1 Advantage in this game is stable accounts and progress tracking. Itís what gets majority people engaged (of course itís not like that for you, you standup guy). In addition, people created and embraced and paid for QLranks, which provides even more value to this game through observing self-improvement by tracking tangible measures.

This is about all that quake has going for us right now. There are no stable leagues, clans, weekly team competitions (especially in NA). Progress tracking is all thatís left.

Now you. You crafty smart evil sonovabitch. Kudos for making a 100th account and reaping 80% percent win with +150 elo per game. Sure, you gonna get a rise out of a few people, an occasional forum post, a troll medal, perhaps. I hope you realize one thing: your behavior is unsustainable. For reasons above, by destroying matchmaking and progress tracking, you are delivering a fatal blow to a fragile community and before you know it, there will be nothing but idiots like you left circlejerking eachother around. I cannot possibly believe that after acquiring your level of skill, and playing this game for hours every day lasting for YEARS you donít have a bit of appreciation for everything that makes it great for new, habitual, and usual honorable quakers.