Hey, I started with my company in the beginning of 2013. I had found a place with 100m2 +. I have renovated almost everything. I had to put more than 6.000EU for the place. Place was pretty old and it was needed to be renovated. I have been asking our big companies for financial help, but every company refuse to help / donate some money. The company is intended for gamers. The name is / will be ''Allstar gaming z0ne''. What I need for once is:

- 5 Gamer computers,
- 5 LCD 120hz monitors
- 2 gaming consoles
- 2 LED TV (at least113cm),
- LED lighting
- 2 laptops
- All for network
- Security and security cameras
- Licensed games and programs.

This cost me 10,920,00 EUR.

My dreams are to have a gaming center with main game Quake. I was thinking to organise online tournaments with sponsors (like 2gd had for quake and other games).Top 4-8 duelist should be invited here and play finals every month or in every few months. Same goes for other quake live game modes.

Ok, now I need your help. I will need something like kickstarter is to help me with donations. I cant register there also I dont think people will help / donate me at building my company. Im asking you guys! Do you know something where I can get help at donations?

This is video of renovated place (its not finished though - I was out of money to continoue). The video was made for slovenian companies thats why the language is Slovenian: Allstar gaming z0ne

Im actually ashamed to post pictures of this shithole which it was before.


I have to point out! Memento mori already donated / helped me at something. Hes really doing everything for the community!

About companies which refused me to help / donate and why. I can explain everything at pvt because there are so many things to write.

If there are some people who would like to help / donate: (car33m@email.com - paypall )