We glad to present you, guys, 125 FPS ShowMatch series, and first match will be played 25 May 2013 at 15:00 GMT.
Russia evil (elo:2491, #3) vs France strenx(elo:2410, #6)
Format: Cointoss winner is first picker, loser pick next map, play all 7 maps!
Map Pool: Aerowalk, Blood Run, Hektik, Furious Heights, Toxicity, Lost World, House of Decay
PrizePool: 15$ for every map! ($105)

France strenx's demos
Russia evil's demos
United Kingdom zoot's VOD
Russia Forcejkee's VOD

UPD 25/May/13: agent can't play due to technical problems, and replaced with Russia evil

Stream: United Kingdom Zoot, Russia Forcejkee
Poll: Maps score
Links: 125 FPS, DirectFights history
Fixture: Showmatch fixture