The 1st Group Round of the 125 FPS March League is finished, and the Second Group Round is about to begin.
Four groups (with 5 players in each) will be played from Monday the 18th until Thursday the 21st of March. Two players from every group will move to the quarter finals. All games will be played in bo3.

Group A2: 1. Russia pavel_, Netherlands 2. baksteen, Russia 060718, Germany twister Ukraine Only_toxic - VOD, thx PYton
Group B2: 1. Lithuania guard, Poland 2. Av3k, Russia evil , France sev3n, Ukraine uaReaper --- VOD from Zoot
Group C2: 1.Belarus Cypher, Germany 2. k1llsen, Russia _ash, Ukraine bpatela, Russia fancje --- VOD from Zoot
Group D2: 1.France strenx, 2.Russia Cooller, Belgium dem0n, Ireland kRoNic Russia ARSENY_ --- VOD from Zoot

UPS: VOD of Strenx vs Cooler and Guard vs Evil awesome matches!

Playoff Round post

Cup Admins: Yavich, Nico, Rell, Xron (search on IRC or write to [email protected])
Stream: Pyton, Zoot
Links: Cup Website, Full English Announcement, 1st Group Round, Stats // mIRC #125fps