Originally i wasn't going to post this because of the possible negative attention that will come by posting this for a bunch of people who are trying to help the community. But this tournament is receiving so little attention that i thought if anything i am helping them. So anyway some dudes are creating a tournament called World Quake League. They are already accepting sign ups and posted a thread on esr - http://www.esreality.com/post/2383712/world-gamers-arena/ . But the page only has 5 comments. Before they posted on esr they made a thread on 4sg (Australia's biggest ql forum) and advertised there upcoming tourney. They said they are going to support all mods with $1000 prize money for each div. yep, you head it right. Each div! (source - http://4seasonsgaming.com/forums/viewtopic.ph...;start=100). A lot of people on 4sg are obviously skeptical of a tourney with such little coverage and a big prize money. Some people have called me a dumbass for falling for the trollbait but honestly, who would go this far just to troll people?