Blackout is disappointed to announce that Russia 34_, a player from the team Promode.RU, has been banned for cheating, specifically, wall hacking in the week one game against Teamless, which occurred on Sunday, February 3, 2013. After a careful and considered review of the PM.RU vs. Teamless game, on the basis of the opinions of the admins and other community players consulted for opinions, as well as though who had given unsolicited opinions, the admins have ruled to permanently banned 34_. What complicated this situation was that Promode.RU was fake-nicking, and it became difficult to identify players, and in the first map, cpm21, the player "dez" is actually 34_.

As a consequence, and to further ensure fair play, players from Promode.RU will have to have their IPs verified before a game, and during the game, by an admin.

As a further consequence the match outcome will be reversed and Teamless will be awarded with 9-0 win. Promode.RU will forfeit any points gained from that match.

Thank you for all that helped with this matter -- much appreciated!

The decision can be found here.

Admin E-mail: [email protected]
Links: Tourney Page, // mIRC #blackout (QuakeNet), mIRC #blackout (GameSurge), mIRC #promode (Quakenet)