IDsoftware or who ever runs QL, you did it...

QL decides what i want to play...

I have just installed the new plugin but I was missing some maps, such as, furiousheights, concrete palace and silence after the I asked on the QL forum how come, and got this answer:

"They are not part of this months Standard map pool: "

I just reached the timeline as a promember but i decided not to continue the payment because i only play practice duel...(i know...but its relaxing:/ )

When they decides to get rid of maps like that makes me so angry and tired of this shit so this is it then. No more Quake or any other IDsoftware, (or who ever runs QL, who cares), for me...

2012-09-15 was the date i stoped playing Quake, it was a good friend when days was so crappy, but life goes on.

QUAKE 1997-2012 (the years are for me only)

Ok. i can see that people takes this journal the wrong way. first of all i must say that i'm chocked over all comments, As this is a personal journal i only speaks for me and what i think of Quake I started to play Q1 back in 97 from time to time and later Q2 and so what i meant was that Quake become something to do in lazy days for me, playing online was never important. i have bought every Quake game that have been released so what i meant was that Idsoftware goes over the edge and will take charge for something i paid for once and twice before, and now when the updates to QL will delete maps for us "who stoped paid for it " not will be able to use it as it was meant to,,,of course are you guys all right when you say that "Stop playing it then",,,,

This journal is a personal journal and wroted in my profile and is only for me,,,if i expected to get some replys to something relevent i write i had started a thread instead...but i wasn't.