After playing yesterday some WSW games I suddenly realized that I can't move for shit in this game. Yeah, I can strafe, I can bunnyhop, I even can dash and wall jump (sometimes) but the whole movement done by me is still jerky, stuttering and not very efficient. And on the same time I watched how players like dkw of boqu moving - they are literally flying through the map. After that I realized that a lot of new things should be learned.

So first things first, and I want to ask experienced warsowians here about if I should use new or old movement (cg_oldmovement cvar) and if I should use continious jumping with jump key pressed (cg_autohop cvar)?

Also I understand that only practice makes perfect, buy maybe someone has some advises on moving effectively in Warsow without loosing speed during turning the corners, while executing ramp and wall jumps, etc?